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How to Activate Google+ SMS Alert

Author: Gagan Masoun
How to Activate Google+ SMS AlertAs usual Google has been renewing its social networking look by adding new features such as Verified Check Mark, SMS alerts, events, Google+, to make it as very famous as rival Facebook network.Facebook and Google have given special priority on mobile phone users. Google+ is trying to make better app for mobile users.The exclusive news from Google enables Google+ users to stay connected via SMS alerts.

In this article I will tell you "How To Active SMS Notifications For Google+".To activate Google+ SMS, updates via text messaging, verify your phone number from your mobile device or computer.With the help of this feature you can updated always and anywhere. This will work without any GPRS or net connection.

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You will receive SMS alert if anyone comments on your post or tag your picture/images, or replied to the post you had posted your response.

How to Activate SMS Alert From Your Phone

  • Go to
  • Hit The Gear Icon In The Upper Right Hand Corner
  • Type Your Mobile Phone Number By Clicking The Add Phone Number Link
  • Select Your Country and Click Continue
  • Now, You Receive a SMS With Your Verification URL, Click On The Link To Finish Verification and Select Which Notifications You'd Like To Receive.

How to Activate SMS Alert From Your Computer

  • Go to Google+ Settings Page
  • Enter Your Mobile Phone Number By Clicking The Add Phone Number Link
  • Select Your Country and Click Send Verification Code Button
  • You Get a SMS With Your Verification Code, Enter That Code Into The Space Provided and Select The Confirm Button.
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If you want to confirm then you can send a message to 91-9222222222 and the message will be set as your shared content. The post will be public by default.

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Remember Note:- The charges will be the standard SMS rate set by your network. The normal rate with which you send messages will be deducted. If you have free messages, network provider won't charge you price for this message.

Google+ Commands

Posts are shared with your circles by default.You can use below commands:

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To:Do This:
Share a Post PubliclyAdd +Public To Your Post
Share a Post With a CircleAdd +Circle Name To Your Post
+1 a PostReply +1
Comment On a PostReply With Your Comment
Turn Google+ SMS On or OffReply Start or Stop
Get Help Reply Help

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