Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Google Plus Vanity URL - Easy To Remember

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google Plus Vanity URL - Easy To Remember
If you have got a Google Plus Profile then you must have noticed that the URL of your Google Plus profile simply looks disgusting. It usually contains a series of numbers that make no sense to you.You can now claim a custom URL for your Google Plus account in order to make it look simple.

By claiming a vanity URL, you can avoid using complex numbers for your Google Plus profile. The vanity URL is the customized version of your Google Plus profile URL, so you can easily create it according to your own choice. Whenever you give your Google Plus profile URL to any of your friends or acquaintances, it is really hard for them to remember it. So it is highly recommended for you to create a vanity URL for your profile so that they can easily remember it and can also share it with others whenever required.

What to do?

Creating a vanity URL is quite simple and does not involve any rocket science. You just have to follow a couple of steps in order to transform your ugly looking profile link into a customized and easy to remember profile link. Following are the details of the easy steps that you need to follow:

Open Your Google Plus Profile:

When you open your Google Plus profile, you see a complex URL in the address bar. It is usually a website address followed by a series of numbers which are really hard to remember for you and your acquaintances. 

Log on to gplus.to:

Gplus.to is a great website that helps you to create your Google Plus vanity URL by following a couple of steps. It asks you for your Nick Name and Google+ ID. 

Mention Your Username :

In the Nick Name bar of gplus.to, you have to write the username/nickname that you want to be displayed at the end of your Google Plus profile URL. You Nick Name can range from 3 to 25 characters and it should not contain any special characters or numbers.

Mention Your Google+ ID:

In the other bar, you have to write the numbers mentioned at the end of your Google Plus Profile URL. It is actually a unique ID assigned to your profile by Google Plus. You can copy this ID from your Google Plus profile and paste it to the Google+ ID bar of Gplus.to. Make sure that you only copy the numbers (Google Plus ID) and nothing else. 

Enjoy Your Google Plus Vanity URL:

After clicking the ‘add’ button at gplus.to, you could get started with your customized profile ID. Now your profile URL will be like gplus.to/username. This vanity URL is not only easier for you to remember but also for your friends. You just have to write it in the address bar and you will automatically be redirected to your profile. So don’t waste your time and claim your vanity URL today so that you could get rid of that ugly looking Google Plus profile ID.


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