Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Create Your Google Plus ID Card

Author: Gagan Masoun
Google Plus ID CardThis is a fun option to promote your Google+ profile aggressively: make your own Google Plus ID Card! In Hangout Graphics website fill out form for generate Google+ ID card. Get your own, and share it! You can create a Google Plus ID card with some easy steps.In this tutorial I will tell you "How to Create Your Google Plus ID Card".

An identification card for Google+ with your name on it, the date you joined the Google+ and a QR Code.
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How to Create Your Google Plus ID Card

  • Go to http://hangoutgraphics.com/idcard
  • Enter Your Google+ ID (e.g. 117100549673033253859)
  • Enter Your Nickname
  • Enter The Date You First Joined Google+
  • Hit Generate and It Will Download Your ID Card.
How to Create Your Google Plus ID Card
Now you can print it out, post it or whatever you like to do!You can see a sample of my Google+ ID card below:

Google Plus ID Card

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Disclaimer: Hangout Graphics website is not a Google product. A Google Plus fan designed this card. Google will not responsible for it.
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  1. Wow its pretty simple. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi,
    I have tried with PHP and oAuth to achieve "GOOGLE PLUS ID CARD". Find the demo url http://goo.gl/sRQOr. and Get the source code from Github https://github.com/kayalshri/Googleidcard.


    1. Wow, Sharavana Giri this is amazing Google+ ID card. I like it so much :)