Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Create Your Google+ License Card

Author: Gagan Masoun
Create Your Personal Google+ License Card
Yesterday, I published tutorial about "How to Create Your Google Plus ID Card".Google+ is very popular social networking website.If you have your own profile id card then other users or friends will think about you something different. has an awesome tool which you can use to create a Google+ license card.

Your license card will include your image, name, signature, description, and profile ID.Just enter your Google+ ID and you're ready to go!Let's start the tutorial:

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You can easily create your Google+ licence card just in 3-5 seconds.This tool only need your Google+ id after that it automatically grabs all the relevant information from your profile and makes it all into a Google+ license card.

How to Create Your Google+ License Card

My Google+ License Card

Google+ License Card

This tool is very helpful for the promotion of your Google+ profile.I have seen many Google+ users share their license cards on their social networking profiles.You may think that this is a useless idea but the real fact that everything now depends on the internet, these ID’s will soon be a requirement in each field.

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