Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Increase Your Google+ Circles

Author: Gagan Masoun
How to Increase Your Google+ Circles
Google+ is the most powerful and advanced Social Network to date, and People are converting to Google+ day by day.With a user base over 250 million, it is one of the fastest growing Social Networks. This post will guide you "How to increase your Google+ circles/followers. Don't think that I will misguide you.

I am not talking about adding spammed Google+ profiles to your circles, there are some useful tricks to find relevant Google Plus users matched to your interests. Yesterday I found some websites which are providing free services related to Google+ profile groups, I have already come across some interesting people who share fun and interesting photos and content, here are some tricks you can do the same:


In this website you can add yourself in existing groups, create your own group or just follow individual interesting Google Plus users. Simply enter your your Google+ profile URL or ID, select the group(s) of your choice and hit “Add Groupee”. I imagine particular groups may be prone to spam attacks but I am also confident that Google will combat these profiles over time.

Group - Google+ Profiles


Find out your CircleRank for Google+ or who is the top followed person on Google+. It's just for fun, but more interesting than anything else!.CircleCount gives you the opportunity to see the top 10, 100 or 1,000 Google Plus users and their estimated location on a Google Map. Just Enter a name, a location or the url of a profile to search. Here is the option also to see only female or male.

CircleCount - Google+ Profiles

Women Of GPlus

To begin with, Google emphasized that around 250 million users have signed up to use Google+. Of those, 150 million are active, and the average Google+ user spends 12 minutes on the service. Women count is less then men. Google is trying to add female users to Google+. In the meantime you can use Women of GPlus to find and add interesting female users to your circles.

Women Of GPlus - Google+ Profile

Google Plus Nick

Gplus.to is a great website that helps you to create your Google Plus vanity URL by following a couple of steps. It asks you for your Nick Name and Google+ ID.

Google Plus Nick

Example :- http://www.gplus.to/gaganmasoun

Put Google Plus Badges or Buttons On Your Blog or Website

If you are a blogger or webmaster then you can put Google plus badges or buttons on your blog or website. This is just like putting the Facebook, twitter, RSS, Linkedin, and other social media icons on them. If readers like your content, they will add you to one of their circles. Even if they never return to your blog again, you still have that relationship in their news feed on Google+.

Put Google Plus Badges or Buttons On Your Blog or Website

Get Google's Verified Authorship For Your Blog

Have you noticed that Google+ profile picture show up next to articles on Google search results? Here is the article about How To Get Google Verified Authorship For Your Blogger/Wordpress Blog. This could get you eligible to be listed in Google search results, where searchers can actually follow you right from the search page.

Get Google's Verified Authorship For Your Blog
It's Time to Widen Out those Circles. So get adding those relevant Google Plus users and feel free to share your own findings! Oh, don’t forget to add Gagan Masoun either, he needs some loving!


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