Sunday, September 23, 2012

Comparison Of IOS and Android Apps

Author: Gagan Masoun
Comparison Of IOS and Android Apps
The race between developing the latest, smartest and hifi phone is full on among the manufacturers and developers of various mobile phones. New versions of smart phones and tablets are being introduced at a very fast pace with new and thrilling features and specifications to provide the users with ultimate mobile cum pc experience.

The market is now days ruled by Apple and Android phones. Both are the biggest manufacturers of smart phones and tablets which have revolutionized the world of cellular phones.

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Android and IOS

Android is the operating system led by Google to power mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Ios on the other is the iphone operating system developed by Apple to power all kinds of Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod. Today ios and android apps dominate the application world. The battle of making newer and more different apps is on as consumers are constantly demanding of more and more apps from their mobile carriers and developers. 

Android vs. IOS Apps

Both the android and ios have given rise to a number of applications to be installed and utilized on apple and android smart phones and tablets. The App store by Apple iOS has approximately 425,000 applications. Android on the other hand is said to have around 200,000 applications. Obviously the number of applications does not guarantee the quality of the apps. A number of applications made by Apple ios serve no fruitful purpose and same can be said about android apps.

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Variety Of Apps

As far as variety of the apps is considered, both android and ios stand at the same place. The variation and kinds of apps developed by both the systems is nearly the same. However, apps introduced by Apple get more popularized and then an Android version is released. 

The Look and Feel Of The Apps

The applications by ios appear more appealing to eyes. The look and feel of ios apps are much polished than android applications. Two similar applications introduced by both the developers seem to be quite different in that ios apps give a more pleasing and unique look. 

Ios Apps Crash More 

According to recent studies and research, it is being said that ios applications crash at a much higher rate as compared to android apps. The version 5.0.1 of ios hosts applications that crash more while the applications by android seem to be quite stable.

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Apps Always Come First On Ios Than On Android

A report claims that consumers around the world always want to go with the ios app first. Ios apps are more popular among the consumers. When the app gets successful on ios, only then they go for the similar version on ios.

Android Apps Take More Time and Money

App developers state that android apps take more time and consume much higher budget than developing ios apps. This is one reason that consumers insist on requesting to develop an ios app first than to go for an android app. 


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