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Five Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Phone

Author: Gagan Masoun
Five Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Phone
We all love to get our hands on a new gadget, but when it comes to our phones there are even more considerations than usual. Nowadays a phone is for photos, the internet, social networking and gaming – oh, and for making calls! So where do you start? This well written article will guide you about "Five Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Phone".

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Feature or Smartphone?

Feature phones are the old school handsets, which tend to be cheaper but far less flexible. Smartphones have an operating system, much like a PC or laptop. This makes them customisable; letting you download the apps you want, for example. They also tend to be more powerful and have larger memories, meaning you can put plenty of songs, pics or even films on them.

Operating System

If you decide to go for a smartphone (which the majority of us do nowadays), you need to choose an operating system (OS) – but also a manufacturer. The most popular OSs right now are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, although BlackBerry is great for business (good on security and messaging) and Windows Phone has an interesting design that is starting to make some waves. iOS and Android are the definite winners in terms of application choice too.


All the handset manufacturers are pretty reliable, although you may be forced down a road due to the OS you want with a smartphone. Both BlackBerry and Apple have their own, for example, while Motorola only makes Android and Nokia only Windows phones. Popular names such as Samsung, HTC and Sony make both Android and Windows smartphones. With a feature phone, as they vary so much, it’s definitely worth getting hands-on in a store – and then finding a better deal to buy online later!


While it’s nice to have a separate camera, it’s still good to have a great one on your phone as back-up. Anything from five-megapixels and up should take more than just happy snaps for Facebook purposes, but do look out for extra options – especially autofocus and flash (not all phone cameras have these). Also, many good camera phones will also now shoot video – often even in HD quality.

Touchscreen or QWERTY?

Another important consideration is the phone’s layout. Touchscreen smartphones (such as the iPhone) are in vogue right now, although many people still prefer a ‘proper’ keypad. Touchscreen handsets will have a full QWERTY available on them, but these can be very annoying if you intend to do a lot of typing. And of course there are still sliders and flip phones on the market if you hunt around.

Finally, make sure that your phone has enough memory – both RAM and for storage – to do what you want it to do. A good smartphone will have a 1GHz processor nowadays and will be able to multitask applications, so advanced users should be sure there’s a good 512MB of RAM (or 256MB for less graphic intensive devices, such as a BlackBerry).

In terms of storage, a microSD card slot will ensure you can take as much music and TV with you as you want. Otherwise, be careful your smartphone has enough GB built in to house you collection.

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