Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free Text Messaging With 5 Apps

Author: Gagan Masoun
Free Text Messaging With 5 Apps
Now, you can save $25 to $35 a month for unlimited plans because smartphone users with a love of texting might feel like coughing up this kind of cash is their only option.Actually I want to tell you that there are a lot of apps available that allow mobile users to text for free.In this tutorial we will discuss about 5 Apps That Let You Text for Free.

Another good thing that some apps also offer additional features like group chat and video.We always want to share app with great options that will save you money and offer you more than just your basic text.So, let's start this tutorial:

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Send Free Text With 6 Apps

1. IMO

You can send free text messages with the help of IMO,This app allows you to message on most instant messaging networks such as Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype & AIM but you must allow to sync your accounts.You can send emoticons, photos, videos, and voice messages without any charges. 

Available For: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia.

2. KaKao Talk

KaKao Talk

KaKao Talk is another free app that helps you call & text messages anywhere at any time without any charges.This app support 12 different languages.You can use other features in this app such as funny voice filters during phone calls, playing emoticons, and a walkie-talkie setting.

Available For: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Bada, and Windows.

3. WeChat


WeChat provides free texting service with multimedia features like voice messaging. Using its “shake” feature, you can exchange information like photos and contacts with nearby friends.Users also have access to a “look around” feature that lets them see if anyone close by is also on the app.

Available For: iPhone, Android, Windows phones, and Symbian platforms.

4. Pinger


With the help of Pinger you can send free text messages from more than 100 countries around the world. Photo based interface helps you to find friend easily from your friend list, you can see their texts, photos, calls, and voice mails. You can track when sent text has been read.

Available For: iOS, Android, and Windows.

5. textPlus


This is last app in our list which allows you to send free text messages.After giving you with a free phone number, this app is most popular for its group-messaging feature and community texting, which allows you to talk to friends and family members around the world in a chat-room type venue. Photo messaging and voice notes are also available.

Available For: Windows phones, iOS, and Android.

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  1. Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing mate. So far I have tried only Gmail SMS service. Going to try few of above too.

  2. there are lot of rich media apps out in the market but they all have different stories. Tried many on android iphone and cell phone. whatsapp, kik and many messengers also provide that service. I must say this is something remarkable what FriendCaller brought this time besides their OfferWall ofcourse. is it true? here is the reference