Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to Create Tutorial Videos as Blog Content

Author: Gagan Masoun
How to Create Tutorial Videos as Blog Content
One of the best forms of content for a blog has got to be tutorials – and the same applies when you’re creating video content too. Just like the regular (written) tutorials that you may already publish on your blog, video tutorials are equally appealing because of how they can help people to learn and improve their skills. On top of that, video tutorials come with the added advantage of being able to ‘show’ the audience what to do while guiding them through the steps.

To create a tutorial video, the first thing that you need is the software. With Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you’ll be able to take advantage of its ability to record video footage directly from your screen as well as its video editing features – so you should have everything required to create a tutorial and make sure it looks great.

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Creating the Video

The only thing you need to do before you start recording the video with Movavi Screen Capture Studio is plan out the tutorial. If you want you can start with a series of steps and expand it to act as your structure. Once you’re sure of the plan for your tutorial, you can then use the software to record the exact footage you need.

Creating the Video

Because Movavi Screen Capture Studio uses a straightforward approach, you will be able to easily set up the recording to fit your plan. If you want you can adjust the capture region, audio source, and frame rate – while also recording keyboard and mouse actions too.

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Once you’re satisfied with the footage that you’ve recorded, you can then start to polish and edit it with Movavi Screen Capture Studio as well. In particular the software will give you tools to cut and combine video segments, improve the video quality, fix common issues, add audio tracks, insert customizable text, and even apply various impressive special effects and filters.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to learn how to make a tutorial with Movavi Screen Capture Studio. In fact, it is so easy to carry out that you will be able to churn out video tutorials for your blog quickly and effectively – to cater to any sort of demand. All you need to do is give it a try and start planning your very first tutorial – then record it, edit it, and publish it.
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Monday, May 30, 2016

MyTherapy - The Changing Face Of Managing Health

Author: Gagan Masoun
MyTherapy - The Changing Face Of Managing Health
For something as simple as taking daily medications, many complications can arise. Timing, dosage, refills etc. are several factors one has to think about, complicated further when one has multiple medications. That’s the first challenge MyTherapy the medications reminders app addresses. By simplifying medications and treatment plans into a simple to-do list, managing health has never come easier, right in the palm of your hand. MyTherapy is a leading Google Play reminders app that also combines such medications reminders with prompts for health activities as well as vitals tracking, for example blood glucose levels among diabetics. What’s innovative about MyTherapy is that it compiles this data ultimately into a simple yet comprehensive health journal, organising your up-coming health tasks. It also reports monthly progress and can be printed out for sharing with your doctor.


Users can simply scan the barcode on their medications package and set up specific times and dosages as indicated, appropriate even for the simplest to the most complex treatment regimes. The app also has an integrated family support feature, Team, applying a highly valued factor in helping maximise medications adherence. Family members and friends can monitor their loved-one’s adherence to their medications and remind them when needed.

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MyTherapy - Scanning the Barcode

The basis of MyTherapy is built with expertise from medical doctors, researchers as well as patient demand. Driven predominantly by user experience and extensive user testing, MyTherapy raises the bar in digital health by further engaging in medical research. Such results of this engagement has demonstrated the improvement of medications adherence among patients as well as improvement in overall health and well-being when using this app. With an extensive drug database, covering both prescription and non-prescription medicines, MyTherapy is an all-rounded app service helping people maximise their health and to stay on top.

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MyTherapy prides itself in protecting the data of its users. In terms of data protection, MyTherapy conforms to strict German privacy laws, clearly declaring that collected private user data will not be handed over to third parties. Furthermore, no registration is required for the use of this service - one simply logs in with an email address and can begin to manage their health. It is an award winning app that has helped thousands of patients stay on track with their medications and is available for free download on Google Play Store and the App Store.

MyTherapy Med Reminder Pillbox MyTherapy - Medication Reminder & Health Journal
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5 Best Social Trading Platforms and Networks

Author: Gagan Masoun
5 Best Social Trading Platforms and Networks
Social Trading is a forex trading system which help you to get access to the financial markets. Today I’m so excited to share my latest post with everyone. Social trading gives you the freedom to fetch reports about the internet market from other interested organizations. So You can trade together or simply take benefits of the provided data for your own trades – that’s your choice. Social trading system runs on the basis of social networking. Social Media Giant "Facebook" is a best example for this. With the help of FB you can connect to your family, relatives and your friends, social trading networks provide a nurturing environment where beginner and expert traders can exchange data, plans, methods and ideas.

Today I'm going to share a list of the 5 best leading social trading platforms. Our main focus is on Forex trading platforms which offer both a social trading and community aspect, as well as binary options. This is the functionality which allows investors to automatically capture the trades from other parties on the network in their own social trading account.

List of The 5 Best Social Trading Platforms and Networks:

1. ZuluTrade: It is the number one web-based social trading platform. There are a number of traders and investors using this system. It is an easy to access, there are so many expert traders and you do not need a lot of time to manage your account. You can try a demo account to test various strategies and different combinations of signal providers in order to find the ones that correspond better to your personal trading style and portfolio.


2. eToroeToro is another social trading investment network which empower more than 4.5 million users in more than 170 countries worldwide. They have an easy to use mobile friendly interface, while a fully functioning demo is available as well. The headquarters of eToro is located at Cyprus (Europe).


3. AyondoAyondo is a modern way to invest and start social trading. It is a German based STN. You can open "Social Trading" or "Spread Betting/CFD Trading" account on this platform. They give you an ability to create your own portfolio of up to 5 top traders with an easy steps. Try a demo account today!


4. CopyopCopyop is proudly announcing themselves as a social trading platform where people can interact, work together if need to be and make money. It is the leading and most advanced Cyprus based social binary options trading network which will help you to watch, follow and automatically copy successful binary option traders. You can read complete copyop review here. Download copyop - Social Trading app here.


5. TradeoIt is a social trading community network launched in 2012 which allows traders to share their trading activities, interact and receive comments from other expert traders. They added the feature to automatically mimic the strategies from other Forex traders in 2013. If you're a new user then you can try free fully functioning demo account. Tradeo's headquarters is located in Malta.

Social trading market is expanding very fast with brand new networks and solution providers trying to take a piece of the social trading market space. If you like this article, please share it to support us. Thanks in advance and stay blessed.
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Friday, May 20, 2016

How to Make Someone a Moderator Of Your Facebook Group?

Author: Gagan Masoun 4 Comments
Make Someone a Moderator Of Your Facebook Group
This is a great news for all Facebook Users who are the admins of Facebook Groups. With the help of Facebook Group you can build community for your business, blog, website or just for fun. If your Facebook group has a large number of active members it means your group is so popular and people love to share stuff in your group. However a single person (Admin) can not manage a FB group. Because an admin can be busy in other work and he/she may not get enough time to approve new members and moderate posts from other group members. So the solution was adding multiple admin in a group.
But according to my Facebook experience I know that multiple admin are dangerous for groups because if other admin can delete or remove all users, group members even other admins also. But now here is a solution for this problem, Facebook has announced about a new feature "moderator role". Now you can make someone a moderator of your group to manage your group activities. There is some difference between an Admin and a Moderator.

Moderators are like admins, but with limited controls. He/She will be able to manage membership, as well as review posts and comments in the group.
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Facebook Group - Admin and Moderator

How do I make someone a moderator of my Facebook group?

#1 Go to Facebook » Login » Go to Group

#2 Click on Members Tab » Click Admins. (As you can see given below screenshot)

#3 You can Change Admin to Moderator by click on Gear Icon near to Admin profile.

#4 If you want to remove anyone as a Moderator then Click on a Gear icon under the Moderator Box.

#4 Now click Remove As Moderator » A popup message » Click Remove as Moderator button.

You can easily add or remove Moderator. I hope you liked this tutorial. Please share with your friends on Facebook to help them.Thanks and Stay Blessed :)
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Friday, April 1, 2016

How to Remove Footer Credit Link from Premium Blogspot/Blogger Templates

Author: Gagan Masoun
Remove Footer Credit Link from Premium Blogspot/Blogger Templates
There are so many websites are available on the internet which provides premium blogspot/blogger template at reasonable prices. You'll see two option for each template: 1. Free (Get this template for FREE with giving proper credits to us, no support included.), 2. $20 or $30 ( One time payment, remove Footer credits). If you have already paid for a template then your template will not contain any credit link. But if you have a free version of a Premium Blogger template then it will contain Non-removable credit link. Means, what? If you’ll try to remove credit link from their template coding, then your blog URL will automatically redirect to their official website (Homepage or a Template Page URL). All it happens because they added special JavaScript codes into their free templates. 

I use these Blogger template websites for latest blogspot templates. One day I have noticed that some bloggers were requesting "how to remove credit/footer link from their templates" and the owner and other staff members were laughing. In this tutorial I will guide you how to easily hide/remove the credit/footer link with the help of little CSS code. Please follow the given below steps:

How to Remove Credit/Footer Link:

  • Go to Blogger.com
  • Now, Login to your Blogger Dashboard and Choose your blog.
  • Now go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
  • Edit Blogger Template
  • Go to the footer and find the credit/footer link which needs to remove/hide. You’ll find something like Copyright, credit or designed etc (Like the picture shown below).
  • Add the following line with your original copyright ID. (As shown in picture below).
style="visibility: hidden"

  • Its all Done! Save your Blogger Template.
The above guide is about "how to remove footer credit link and convert free blogger template into premium version". I hope you liked this tutorial. Please share this tutorial with other bloggers so they can learn this trick also. Stay Blessed :)
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