Saturday, January 18, 2020

5 Easy Ways To Make Your First and Quickest $100 Online

Author: Gagan Masoun
5 Easy Ways To Make Your First and Quickest $100 Online
If you want to make quick money online then you are going fall in trap because making money online is not similar to job that you work and get paid instantly. In this post I will try to explain the best possible ways to make the quickest $100 online so that if you are new to online field then you don’t have to use trial and error method.

1. Freelancing

The concept of freelancing is same as Job because in both cases you use your skill to make money and the only difference is freelancing Job is for short term only. So this is the reason why people feel less secure in freelancing jobs.

I am listing top 5 sites where you can make your profile to get the clients and can make your first $100 online.
  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Peopleperhour
  4. Freelancer
  5. Truelancer
There are many more sites where you can make your profile but remember on each site there are already more than thousands of freelancer already bidding on projects so competitions is high and this is why you will not be able to win the job instantly.

2. Survey Sites

I can mention some of the best method to make money in decent amount online like blogging and Drop shipping but I am not going to mention it because in both the methods you will not get the result in less than 6 months.

But in case of survey sites you will get paid instantly and if not instant then within a month you will get you money in your PayPal account.

I know you can’t pay your bills from it but if you need the taste of making money online then making money from filling survey is a good way for complete beginner.

The biggest problem in this method is there are lots of fake survey companies who promise to pay but at last they take your time and just go away without paying you.

In order to solve this problem you can join survey compare where all the screening of Survey Company will be done by survey compare and you will get only genuine company.

3. Doing The Freelance Writing

This is like the sub section of freelancing but there is a twist. Instead of making profile on freelancing website you know that there are millions of blog out there who need the good quality content to get the ranking in Google search result and the twist is you can easily contact the blog owners from their contact us page and can offer your writing service.

I am suggesting you this method because of the two reason and the reasons are
  1. There are millions of blog out there so you can try as much as you want.
  2. The blog owners make decent money so they can pay you very well if you can offer quality to them.
In this method if any blog owner likes your content then you can get the permanent job because the demand of high quality content endless.

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4. Transcription

If you need the quickest money then this is the one which you need to make money. In case if you don’t know what is transcription then Transcription is the process of converting the audio files into text format.

Now the question is from where you can get these types of job?

Answer is there are two places from where you can get this type of job
  1. From freelancing sites
  2. From Individual company sites like
The pay rate on Individual company site is a bit lower than what you can get on freelancing but o freelancing sites again you have to beat the competition to win the job and on the other hand on sites like you can work as much as you want.

The pay rate is around $0.5 per minute depending upon audio quality and accuracy you can provide.

5. Micro Job Sites

This is the toughest of all 5 methods because in this method you don’t have to use any skill and the work is of pure labor work and I call it trading your time in exchange of money but unfortunately you need approx 1.5 months to make your $100 because the pay is extremely low in comparison to other 4 methods.

Some of the good and genuine sites are 
  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  2. Click worker
  3. Rapid workers
I don’t want to promote this type of work so I am not going to give you more sites but I recommended this method only if you do not have any skill or for any reason you are not in position to learn any new skill.

If you know any other method to make your first $100 online which is better to any of above five then please let me know in comment box. I am happy to share it will all of you.


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