Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Watch Review: Khalsa 1699 Watch Speedster (2nd Gen) | Best Luxury Watch For Men

Author: Gagan Masoun
Khalsa 1699 Watch Speedster (2nd Gen) | Best Luxury Watch For Men
I was looking for a new men’s watch but it was very hard for me to choose a best one from all the brands. Definitely my budget was not too much big. So which ones actually matter? One day I was watching some videos on TikTok and suddenly I saw one video of a guy who was unboxing a new watch "Khalsa 1699". I belongs to Sikh family so this watch just won my heart.

Classic look of Khalsa 1699 watches are so amazing. I went to Google and found a website of Khalsa 1699 watches. I purchased a Speedster model from their website. I got this within 5 days. 

Company takes its name from Khalsa folklore; a Sikh tradition that emanates from the 17th century, when the revered 10th Master of Sikhs Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji formed an army of spiritual warriors in 1699 whose duty it was to protect the innocent from any form of religious persecution.

Speedster (2nd Gen) is just such a beautiful piece and today, I am reviewing the Khalsa 1699 Watch Speedster. 

Khalsa-1699-Watch-Speedster-(2nd Gen)

This watch is a robust Chronograph designed perfectly so that you can wear it for any casual or formal events.

There are 5 Khanda symbols on this watch.  The eye-catching sun-ray dial is available in three colors white, blue or black, with metallic numerals for your aesthetic pleasure, and the case is available in stainless steel or rose-gold plated to suit your personal style. Mine is Rose-gold plates with blue sun-ray dial (brown leather strap).

In an updated version the Khanda symbol is on the tail of the seconds hand so that we can remember God with every second of our life. 

They have 15+ models with different prices (AUD) on their website. According to Khalsa 1699 Watches 

To wear a Khalsa 1699 timepiece is to embody the spririt of freedom - to be free from hate and fear.

The collection carries a touch of divinity and represents “power, pride, culture and humanity" as no other brand has imbibed in the history of watchmaking.

Khalsa 1699 Watch

Necessary Data

>Brand: Khalsa 1699 Watches

>Model: Speedster (2nd Gen)

>Price: $399.99 AUD

>Size: 42mm

Anyone interested in enjoying a next-generation Khalsa 1699 product that they can now fully incorporate into a trackable, active lifestyle. Just go to this link and buy your favorite watch today.


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