Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is SEO All ‘Double Dutch’ To You?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Is SEO All ‘Double Dutch’ To You?Backlinks, internal links, textual link text, keyword placement, relevancy, authority, content rich, social media strategy, blogging, article linking, Meta tags, page titles….blah, blah, blah. If it all sounds a bit ‘Double Dutch’ you’re in good company, but these are terms which internet marketers and SEO specialists use in their everyday conversations.

I am not going to focus on any one term in particular, but try and explain the relevancy (there I go again) of some of the terms to successful SEO campaigns.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization of a website is a strategy which a company like Bournemouth SEO firm Lexis Click will apply to a website. Designed to make it more visible to search engines, and in particular to Google there are several elements which can be applied. As previously mentioned it combines varied use of internal and external hyper links in addition to combinations of relevant search words and phrases (keywords) which are being used by consumers to search out products and services.

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Thrown into the mix are the webpage content (text) and the density of keywords per number of words on the page; additionally text and image links require relevant ‘alt text’ to describe to search engines what they are and where they are pointing. On top of all this the page titles, information contained in the page Meta tags and other hidden text in the HTML code from which the page is created have to be relevant to the products, services and general appearance of the site.

How Do We Arrive At A Balance Of These Elements Of SEO?

There are several tools available to web marketing and SEO specialists but the main tool at their disposal is experience. By constant research and investigation into what makes a page more visible than another to search engines, a quick look at a page will reveal much. Of course a page interrogated by an online tool reveals much about what is wrong with a webpage and what can be done to put it right.

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There are many factors which dictate how high a page is ranked, and one of those factors is competitor websites. Every owner of a website is aiming to have their website or particular webpage at the top of Google and other search engine rankings. A website needs to be constantly monitored and assessed to maintain the ranking, and if possible improve upon it. Sometimes all it takes is to change or refresh the content on a page to maintain a position, other times it may take internal and external blogging, new keyword placement and increasing the number of relevant and authoritative links. On occasion it is a combination of all of these elements and more.

Now, if you are no clearer or maybe thinking I don't have the time to do this, now is the time to engage someone who can do the work for you and have a positive effect on your website’s ranking. One thing is for sure if you don't you can guarantee your competitors will be doing it.

Author - Mike is a freelance writer and blogger and would like to thank Steven, Chris and the team at Bournemouth SEO. Thanks for the simplified explanation about the intricacies of optimizing a website for maximum profile ranking in Google and other search engines.


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