Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why Don’t Use Pop-Ups On Your Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
Why Don’t Use Pop-Ups On Your BlogWhen you want to create more traffic on your blog or to promote Facebook fan page then some bloggers use pop -ups on their blogs. They also suggest others to do so because they believe that with the help of using these pop-ups we are being able to promote, like or share any site. But there are some Pro Bloggers who believe that it’s all waste and useless.


Let see the blog as a reader point of view. When we visit a website to read something according to our needs then unexpectedly before appearing of that useful content a box type window gets open and force us to deal with. For example; like, share, subscribe or any other kind of advertisement.

Let discuss, why pro blogger doesn't like to use pop-ups on his blog.

Some reasons why pro blogger does not use pop-ups

1. Unprofessional: 

A reader has to face some difficulties while he goes to a site to read an information because the use of pop-ups by some bloggers. It is unprofessional. For example, a user visit a site for reading a useful content and suddenly found a different thing beyond his topic and force to share, like or subscribe that’s why some people does not like and get disappointed. We should use these pops on the side area of our blog as optional rather than   providing as pop-ups which are compulsory to follow.Whether your content is helpful and   useful but user would not like or subscribe reason being behavior of your blog is not correct.  How could a reader like a website without reading its content? User likes and shares that blog where from he finds useful content without facing any difficulty in reading and not to force join or subscribe.

2. Reader Redirected:

Yes sometimes reader visits a site to find out some useful information but cause of these pop-ups he directs to somewhere else.

Pop- ups create hindrance between user and content. That’s also one of the reason that pro blogger does not recommended pop-ups.

Let I make you understand as a user.

Suppose we searched Google for some important information and there from we reach to your site or blog. And what we found, before appearing of that useful content a pop up opens in a box type window. After filling the form of this box, we submitted it. Then unexpectedly we are redirected to any other page and we could not find anything about what we were searching for and evenly our time got wasted.

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3. Annoying:

A reader always hates and dislikes pop-ups. Because unknowingly without opening of a site he has to deal with certain conditions of subscribing or joining which makes a reader annoying and without reading of your article he quickly close down site. The user who so annoyed with the behavior of your blog will never visit your site in future and even he may suggest others to stop using your site reason being using of pop-ups which has created a bad image of your domain in the eyes of reader.

4. Browser Block Pop-Ups: 

When a reader goes to a site on which pop-ups are created then reader hates not only site even hates browser too. Because browser starts open the boxes without asking. Yes it is true, that’s why developers have made some improvements in browsers so that can block pop-ups for some time and ask to open pop-ups in a shape of box or window which is separately shown through the site. If you want to see then allow otherwise permanently disallow. Most of the users click disallow too. If you are using pop-ups on your blog then you must know that it would not get any profit to you.


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