Friday, November 9, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Why Windows 8 Upgrade Is A Must

Author: Gagan Masoun
Top 5 Reasons Why Windows 8 Upgrade Is A MustDo you want to upgrade your computer? If yes then Windows 8 is the best option. This is great because Windows 8 is not just another edition of Windows operation system. It offers great features and advantages that are more functional than earlier versions of Windows. Windows 8 is much cheaper and easier to install as well.

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Fast Startup

One of the main reasons why many people are replacing their old Windows version to Windows 8 is the fact that it has a faster startup. As a matter of fact, it is twice much faster than Windows 7 in terms of starting up. As compared to Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8 is much faster. This is great especially for busy people who want to do things right away, so if your computer performs well then expect that everything will be easy.

Wide Array Of Apps

Since Windows 8 is compatible with iPhones and other high-tech devices, it's also compatible with a lot of apps. Meaning, you can choose any apps you want with this operating system. There is no need to worry because they are compatible with any apps you wish to install.

Sky Drive Integration

The cloud service of Microsoft has become more effective. When you choose Windows 8, Sky Drive is very accessible to any application you want to use. This also backs up your computer settings, which lets you duplicate your environment when you have a new PC.

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Better Security

Security is very important for almost every user, when you choose to upgrade your computer operating system with Windows 8, expect that security is one of the best features. As a matter of fact, many experts from the IT industry consider this edition of Windows as the most secure version. Internet Explorer 10 can trap a lot of malicious sites and program that can cause distraction to the system.

Cheaper and Easier to Install

The best thing about Windows 8 is for being cheaper than other versions of Windows. It only cost $39.99 when you download this from the Microsoft website. This is excellent for the reason that it is very affordable, so anyone who wants to obtain this Window can.

Finally, before you install Windows 8, it is very significant to know the system requirements first, if your computer has a very old processor then you may need to upgrade your system first before you can install the Windows 8.


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