Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Watch Hulu.Com Videos Outside The U.S.

Author: Gagan Masoun
How to Watch Hulu.Com Videos Outside The U.S. is one of the biggest video library on the web where you can watch movies and popular TV shows free of cost. You just need 2 things for play the movies first is browser and second is flash player. People from US only can access Hulu.Com. If you will open any video (International (Outside USA) on Hulu website then you will see given below message [Image].

But there’s an a new browser add-on called MediaNet that makes it possible for anyone to watch Hulu videos from anywhere in the world. Just install the extension and enjoy.

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How to Watch Hulu.Com Videos Outside The U.S.

You can use MediaNet for Firefox and Google Chrome. I was looking at the source code of the Chrome add-on and turns out that it merely changes the proxy server settings of your browser when you try accessing a Hulu video. Here’s the relevant snippet:

MediaNet for Firefox and Google Chrome

Additional: MediaNet allows you to access internet media streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Pandora from anywhere.

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