Thursday, November 8, 2012

How To Spruce Up Your eCommerce Website!

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Spruce Up Your eCommerce Website!
This is an article that is aimed at helping you identify the ways in which you can make your eCommerce website alive and dynamic and gain more and more internet traffic. This article will help you make a better eCommerce website which will end up resulting in higher sales and revenue generation.

eCommerce websites can be a challenge to deal with, essentially because it involves direct sales. The website should be such that the end user feels absolutely comfortable in making the purchase and the whole experience is truly a seamless and hassle free shopping experience.

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In order to achieve this one has to take care of a few things. The following is lists of quick tips that can help you spruce up your eCommerce website.


The most obvious mistake people make while dealing with websites believes that making a website is the job done. It is quite the contrary. In an eCommerce website, the actual task begins after the website has been made. Regular maintenance and update plays a critical role in having a website that people like and that they will come back to. Assign a person to dedicatedly go through the website on a weekly basis, who can revamp the whole thing. Remove featured products and bring in new ones. Never put out of stock products on the landing page. Always have fresh content displayed.

Change Is Good

Bring about a few navigational changes to the website. Remember that making changes doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent the wheel. Minor tweaks here and there are always welcomed by the visitors. If it is the same old look, people tend to get bored and lose interest. Change the navigation a bit to give a much needed freshness to the website.

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Competitive Spirit

It is always a good idea to be regularly updated with what the competitor is doing. Keep visiting their sites to know exactly what is going on there and understand what they are doing to pull in customers. You don’t necessarily have to ape whatever they do, but knowing their strategy will surely help you understand how you can proceed and make the most of the online tools.

Be Trendy

It is important to understand the latest trends of the market. The internet thrives on trends. People like to be a part of whatever is “in” during the present times. This is why it is important that you follow and observe the market trends closely and incorporate as much of it as possible.

Around The World

It may even be a great idea to tap the potential of the huge global internet audience by using the current affairs of the world to add life to your website. Add discounts or promotions region wise based on festivals or important events. This instills faith in the user that you are abreast with the world happenings and also adds a personal touch. Your website also seems much alive and dynamic because it looks cared for regularly.

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  1. Great tips for an ecommerce site. It is just what is needed to increase the online sales and also to take care of the existing as well as to attract the potential customers. I really like the point of around the world, something that is really needed to make a site true to the term of being global.