Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Android Is Better Than iOS?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Why Android Is Better Than iOS?Android and iOS are still the two main operating system competitors in the world of mobile gadgets. Apple’s tablets and smartphones run the iOS and most of the other gadget manufacturers use Google’s Android as their operating system. There are iOS diehard fans, while others are loyal Android users.

But in what ways does Android really beat its main challenger? Here are some aspects of the Android that tend to make it better than iOS.

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Smartphones are widely used because of its functions. You can have access to your emails, Skype or Facebook accounts, and many more. Most of us want our phone to notify us immediately as soon as any important updates are available, and with Android, we are conveniently offered a notification bar that has everything we want. The icon can also be dropped down to view the details of the notification. Even at lock screen, you can view your notifications. In iOS however, they do have limited pop-up notifications and would require you to open the app in order to view the notifications. Notifications are important especially in today’s busy world where people prefer devices that offer reliable and fast services.

Apps Installation

Installing apps is also another issue in the two operating systems. In Android, installing an app is easy because you just have to click on the install button once you found the app to be installed. In iOS, you need to link it to iTunes which has to be installed to your computer as well. 


Most Android users agree on one thing, and that is the ease in browsing Android phones compared to an Apple gadget. This also includes the fact that Apple does not do Flash. Android browsers are definitely user friendly, aside from being fast and reliable.

Being Open To Carriers

If you’re using an Apple phone, you can only use AT&T, unlike an Android phone which is open to many carriers. Android truly offers people more choices and not stick to one that is required even if you don’t like it.

More Personalization

Android phones allow users to configure their gadgets with how they want it to look and behave. You can have various screens for your Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, your Gmail, contacts and many others. You can exercise your individuality with your Android phone and have fun using it, but with Apple’s iOS, you are limited to what the phone or tablet allows you to do.

Affordability and More Hardware Choices

iPhones and iPads are considered royalty in the world of smartphones and tablets. Apple was able to preserve its integrity in producing top quality devices. But in these times, people are looking for more choices, they are after their freedom to choose things that can meet their needs. This is also true when buying smartphones and tablets. iOS gadgets are limited only to those manufactured by Apple, unlike Android, which is used by an array of manufacturers and thus, offer endless choices for consumers. Users then can choose a device that fits their budget, their style and their need.  

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