Monday, October 22, 2012

Top Weather Applications You Should Have

Author: Gagan Masoun
Top Weather Applications You Should HaveSummer has gone already and winter will arrive at many places soon and people will be ready to have barbeques ready at their homes. Most people already have smart phones and can get weather updates very easily on their phones which will allow them to plan their day accordingly.

Weather impacts the daily routine of a person and if you do not know about a hurricane hitting a place, you will be doomed. It is important for you to have weather applications installed on your smart phones in order to stay updated and stay safe. There are several applications that you can get on your phones but you must ensure that you have the best weather application on your phone.

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Weather Bug

One great weather application is ‘Weather Bug’. It has a lot of information just on one screen and can be really helpful when you want to look at a lot of information just on one screen. This application tells you the current temperature, reports about wind including its speed and course, moistness and strength of UV radiations on a particular day. Weather Bug also provides a forecast, usually an accurate one, for the next seven days. Most applications do give forecasts but not many details, but Weather Bug gives many descriptions and details as well. Weather Bug has a map installed in it which gives you an overview of any place and gives a display of clouds for cloudy areas and other factors as well.
  1. WeatherBug - Android App
  2. WeatherBug for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Weather HD

Another great weather application ideal for a phone is ‘Weather HD’. Visually this application is very impressive and has no competition. It has a lot of animations involved in it to display current weather and conditions of a particular place. Weather HD also gives details of basic temperatures and humidity and also has a seven day weather forecast like Weather Bug. If you are looking for a fancy application with appealing visuals, then Weather HD would suit your needs.
  1. Weather HD - Android App
  2. Weather HD 2 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


AccuWeather is another great weather application in the top six list. It has a similar display to Weather Bug’s display and gives all the basic information a person should know. It has hourly forecasts and can cover forecasts for up to next fourteen days. It gives better and longer forecasts as compared to the applications mentioned earlier. Not only this, but AccuWeather also suggests how the temperature and weather conditions can affect a person’s health. It also recommends activities that are perfect for the current weather conditions.
  1. AccuWeather - Android App
  2. AccuWeather Free for iPad for iPad

Weather Channel and GO Weather

The Weather Channel is another popular application which is much like Weather HD. It has a very friendly user interface which is useful as well. It gives a ten day forecast which can make your future planning very convenient. If you are not looking for anything fancy then you might be interested in GO Weather. It is a very simple application and can be set on the home screen as well to give weather alerts with simple animations.
  1. The Weather Channel - Android App
  2. The Weather Channel® for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

The Met Office

Perhaps the best weather application among all is The Met Office. It has a lot of information in it relating to weather. You can swipe through the application to check out the weather forecasts of different places. It has everything that other mentioned weather applications have, but the unique thing about The Met Office is that it is very concise and detailed at the same time.
  1. Met Office Weather Application - Android App
  2. Met Office Weather application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
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