Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Keyword Selection Impacts Your SEO Campaign

Author: Gagan Masoun
Why Keyword Selection Impacts Your SEO Campaign
The importance of keywords is huge for the majority of websites, as the tags and meta tags will index the keywords, so the search engines would be able to position the website as well as possible. Even if not all the search engines are able to support and to understand the tags, you should use them for those that are able to support them.

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General Considerations About Tags and Keywords 

The tags connected with the keywords are hidden in the source of the files, being invisible to the reader. The search engines don’t penalize the pages that use the meta tags as they should, therefore it is recommended to include those in your source. 
  • The keywords from the meta tag
  • The length of the tag
The meta tag doesn't have to be composed of long phrases. A few words in the order of importance are great, and it is recommended to repeat the keyword four-five times in an article.

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The search engines have varied preferences when it comes to the length of the tag in the meta keyword. For example, MSN will accept a meta keyword of 1024 characters, while HotBot will only recognize 50 characters. Usually, those are a little longer. 

Avoid Spam

If you repeat the keywords more than 4-5 times, you might be penalized, and this is why you should repeat the keyword 3 times, but make sure it does not appear more than 6 times. Moreover, they should also be placed at a considerable distance one from the other, within the same article. 

As a conclusion, if you want to have a good keyword selection, and to create an effective page that will be liked by Google, MSN and Yahoo or Bing, make sure to respect the next general considerations:
  • Use a list of keywords
  • Limit yourself to 1024 characters 
  • Don’t repeat the word too many times 

The Density Of The Keyword 

When it comes to SEO, the density is a controversial topic. As the keywords are the bases of every search engine. Without keywords, the optimization would not have been possible. for the keywords (or the key phrases, to be more precise), some rules and regulations might be required. there is a huge controversy about the usage of keywords, and because of this, people are not able to understand the way Google uses those keywords to classify the pages after their importance.

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It is unclear how Google classifies the pages, but some general considerations must be considered. If you have the curiosity to check the first result in Google on a certain keyword, you might discover that the keyword is not used so often. Good optimization is a combination of factors, including keywords, link building, and other optimization methods such as social media marketing. This is why, while the density must be high for some articles, it should also be small for some other articles that are made more for valuable content, not for optimization, and the skill of a webmaster is determined considering the methods he uses to create this combination. 

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