Sunday, October 7, 2012

Most Useful Apps For Teachers

Author: Gagan Masoun
Most Useful Apps For TeachersIf you missed previous article then read here: Hollywood’s Publicizing Tool - Social Media.Teachers need to be fully versed and proficient in technology now that 100% of students in the Western World are immersed in it. I was a secondary school teacher years ago, and had none of these tools at my disposal.

Were they available back then, the ones mentioned below would've definitely been a large part of my teaching tools and lesson preparation/planning routine. In order to incorporate technology into their lessons and help their students learn in the way which has become easier for them, teachers may want to look into these very helpful apps to help make their lessons more relative and contemporary.

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DropboxThis is a free app that teachers need to make use of right now. Dropbox allows you to save all sorts of files onto all your devices at the same time. You can save them on your iPad, iPhone, computer, and even the Dropbox site itself. You can collect your students’ work on the Dropbox website and then grade them on your iPad while sitting on the train going home. If you haven’t got Dropbox, get this free ad now. It will make a major difference to your teaching. It will also encourage your students to make use of the tools available to them, and help them become more adventurous as it relates to expressing themselves in their assignments.

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SkitchThis is another free app. It’s new, but is proving extremely useful to people in education – both teachers and students alike. This app is for iPad. Create tutorials for your students, drop in your images, text – whatever you need. It takes the hard work out of lesson preparation and execution. You can prepare a technical tutorial before you get to class on Skitch. When you get to your classroom, you needn't worry about messing around with various notes or images. Just set up your tutorial – and you have everything already done for you. Skitch is great even for students who have to demonstrate a theory, or build a tutorial for their homework. Get your students more proficient with technology, and get your work delivered – all at the same time.

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KeynoteAnd where would today’s teachers be without Keynote? This app isn't free, but when you start using it you’ll realize that it’s worth more than the price you pay for it. At $9.99 it’s a steal. Making a professional slide is something all teachers should be able to do well. This is not because it demonstrates your teaching skill and ability. It’s because the students react well to technology – slides, films and animation in particular. With Keynote, you can open templates with pre-loaded graphics. This means you can concentrate on the quality of your presentation and forget searching around on the internet for the perfect image. Of course, Keynote also enables you to mix and match and include whatever other element you wish from your iWork suite.

Are you a teacher? Have you used any of these teaching apps? What do you think of them and how do your students respond?


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