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Hollywood’s Publicizing Tool - Social Media

Author: Gagan Masoun
Hollywood’s Publicizing Tool - Social MediaFor the purpose of information sharing, social media refers to combination of internet based tools. By the use of social media, users are able to share information like photos, audio, video even text.Social media doesn't only facilitate personal use but is also useful for business use.

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Social Media Comes In Many Forms Like:

  • Internet Forums
  • Magazines
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Social Networks
  • Social bookmarking etc.
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Top Ten Movies Which Got The Maximum From Social Media

Where everyone gets his bit from the social media, many businesses including movies are also using social media to market what they have got to offer. Mentioned below are the top ten Hollywood movies that used social media for marketing and made the most out of it:
  • The Hunger Games: 
Based on the popular book series, The Hunger Games made a huge addition to their profits through solid and strong social media campaigns. They shared a website on Facebook and Twitter for the fans where they could register themselves and this proved to be of great benefit as this was a real deal for the fans.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens:
An intelligent move made by the owners of the film was giving away movie tickets through a Facebook application. This move was a huge success for the film as fans were able to get tickets for themselves or for the whole family simply by logging in to Facebook. 
  • Paranormal Activity:
One of the most loved and successful horror movies released in 2007 was Paranormal Activity. Facebook has a huge contribution in the film's profit of $150 million.

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  • Alice in Wonderland:
Disney made a smart move and launched a fun yet engaging activity through Facebook and Twitter. Through this application fans were able to become loyal subjects of the red queen, the white queen, or a disloyal subject of the mad hatter. Whatever team had the largest number of fans, they got to watch an exclusive trailer of the movie. This not only made the fans feel special but also made the movie some money.
  • Hot Tub Time Machine:
Using Facebook and eventful, as a screening application is what was done by the owners of the movie. The application basically was designed to request a screening in different areas. More people sign up making the screening of the movie a surety.
  • Toy Story 3:
Disney and Pixar, the creators of the movie, made small fun video commercials featuring movie characters ‘Lots o’ Huggin Bear’. Fans loved them and shared them on Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and many social networking sites as much as they could. This did the magic and trick for the movie. 
  • Inception:
Another movie to make the most of social media is Inception. Social Media favored the movie completely. Warner Brothers, the movie owners, promoted the movie through a service they called SCVNGR. 
  • Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2:
A famous movie series made some good 29 million dollars through the Facebook promotion. Interviews, behind the scenes images, scene clips etc. were posted on Facebook which were loved by the fans. The movie owners made the most of the premier night by streaming it live on YouTube and uploading pictures from the event on Twitter. 
  • Tron Legacy: 
Tron did one of the largest online campaigns. Twitter was heavily used by the movie owners which proved fruitful.
  • Twilight:
Twilight has 1 million followers on twitter which greatly added to the promotion of the movie. Everything engaging about the movie was posted on twitter which kept the fans attached to movie.

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