Sunday, October 7, 2012

BlackBerry Messenger Application For Newbies

Author: Gagan Masoun
BlackBerry Messenger Application For Newbies
BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is a pre-loaded application on all blackberry devices which come with blackberry services on a pay-monthly plan. It is an easy, free way to chat, connect, and send files to other BlackBerry users.Also read this useful article Free Text Messaging With 5 Apps.

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Your BlackBerry Messenger Profile

The first time you open your BBM, you are prompted to make up a display name (this can be changed at any time). After you've done this, it takes you to your profile. Your profile shows your display picture (this will be blank to start with), your display name, your pin and personal message. Your personal message is similar to a status - you can add smileys or irregular letters - it's completely up to you. There are also options to show what music you are listening to and to show your time zone.

Your BlackBerry Messenger Pin

Each BlackBerry has its own individual pin, consisting of eight characters which can be a mixture of letters and numbers (although some pins are just numbers). To add another BBM user, all you need to know is their pin. Below your pin is your pin bar code (only available on newer devices – and looks like a supermarket bar code). Press 'show' to view it. Get another BlackBerry user to 'scan' your barcode by clicking 'contacts'; 'invite to BBM' then 'scan a PIN barcode. Once you've scanned the pin a request will be sent to the scanned device. This method may be easier to add people.

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BlackBerry Messenger Homepage

When you open BBM, your display picture is on the top left, followed by your display name and status next to it at the top.  Your ‘recent updates' section comes next. This will include news about your contacts, such as; *insert name here* changed their display picture or *insert name here* updated their status.
Below these are: 'chats', 'contacts', 'BBM groups' and 'pending'. The pending menu only shows if you've sent a contact request and it's waiting to be accepted. 

If there's a red star next to a section it means there's something new there for you to see. 

Broadcasting On BlackBerry Messenger

If you want to send a message to lots of people, broadcasting is the way to go. All you need to do is click the BlackBerry menu button while on the BBM home-screen. From there click the 'new broadcast message' option. When this opens you will given a space to type out a message and ‘broadcast’ it. Just select the contacts you want to send it from your existing list. Press ‘send’ and you're done!

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This is a great feature on the phone and it saves you from typing out the same message several times.
If you get a broadcast message from someone it will show up in purple text, instead of the usual black text (in your normal messages).

All in all, BBM is a great, free app which helps you stay in contact through photos, messages and even voice notes. It's a must have for BlackBerry devices and I recommend it unreservedly.


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