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Tips: Increase Followers On Facebook

Author: Gagan Masoun
Tips: Increase Subscribers On Facebook
Now, All Facebook users are familiar with a new feature of subscription on Fb.Facebook subscription is really a popular topic on search engines where number of people is searching the similar tips and tricks "How Can I Increase Followers On Facebook".According to Facebook Terms Subscription feature means get updates from users you’re interested in, even if you’re not in friend circle".

In simple words that if you subscribe to anybody then you can able to get his public updates on your news wall.

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Many people think that this feature is not safe because people's information leaked by this feature but on the other hand many user find this option useful just because they are able get updates from their favorite celebrity.If you want to use subscription feature then you can activate it by:

Go to Followers Tab and check allow followers or manually you can go to Account Settings then Followers Tab and click on check box "Followers will receive your public posts and will not be added as friends. You can have broader conversations about public topics and keep personal updates for friends". See image below as a demo:

Note: Your age should above 18 in your profile to activate allow subscription feature.

Subscribe Settings

Do You Know Mark Zukerberg (CEO & Founder Of Facebook) has More Than 15 million Followers. So, there is clear that if you have more followers then your value is also more then others.

There are many bloggers and people who are saying that they have auto followers trick for Facebook.But clearly writing here I didn't found any working script yet.That scripts are just scams & Facebook don't like these type of methods.With these scam scripts you can not get genuine followers.

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In this article I want to tell you some white hat tricks to increase facebook followers.Read useful tips and tricks to get genuine followers for your Facebook profile.

Update Your Profile: 

"First impression is last impression", profile information is the main thing that attracts visitors.FB users do not send friend requests to those who have a incomplete profile.I strongly recommend to complete all profile details before proceeding don't leave a single field empty.Make your profile more attractive with beautiful quote etc.

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Share Status With Public: 

People like interesting content such as funny photos, jokes, SMS etc.So, always share interesting content as a public from your profile.This will drive attention of people towards your profile and they will start to send request to you.Before sharing these type of things with people make sure that you change the visibility level of your post from friends to public.As shown in image below:

Share Status With Public

Be A Source Of Knowledge : 

Participate in groups, pages, events, communities and help others this will increase your followers.Because people will want to learn more from you.

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Get 1000 Followers By Facebook Suggest A Friend Feature: 

With the help of suggest friend feature you can get thousands of followers.The Only we have to do is to ask some of your close friends to suggest some facebook friends of theirs to you. Lets ask 200 of 250 peoples send you a friend request then you will get 200 new followers without doing anything. Don't take action on that friend suggestion request because if you send a request to anybody then they will get a new followers you will not get anything.Just wait for sometime to friend requests to come.

Facebook Subscribe Button Widget : 

This is another perfect way to get more followers for your Facebook profile.If you have a website or blog then its simple way to get thousands of followers by just adding a Facebook subscribe button plugin to   your blog or website.You can create a subscribe button for your blog or site from here.If you don't know then read this tutorial about "How to Add Facebook "Subscribe" Button To Blogger/WordPress Blog".

Demo Of Followers Button:

Promote Yourself : 

Promote your self with the help of popular facebook groups/ pages with tag line such as "I'M Looking For Followers  Please Subscribe Me I Will Subscribe You Back" or anything that you want to type.Many people will subscribe you because they also need followers.

Author - Gagan Masoun is the owner of Blogs Daddy Blog.Gagan lives in India, has been blogging since 2010 and writing Blogs Daddy Blog since 2011.You can find him in the usual social networks.


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