Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blogger: Maintenance In Progress - Domain Switching Disabled

Author: Gagan Masoun
Maintenance In Progress - Domain Switching DisabledI just finished work on my client's Photography blog and just after it when I visited blogger to setup client's custom domain then I saw a message under settings > basics > publishing > blog address "Maintenance in progress - Domain switching disabled." and when I Google it found that there are a lot of bloggers wondering what the hell is going on so let me clear it.

This is a so long maintenance process by blogger team.Bloggers are facing many problems with this maintenance.

Update News* - Blogger Custom Domains Are Working Now. Enjoy Blogging

Blogger: Maintenance In Progress - Domain Switching Disabled

Blogger team is working on new feature or fixing any error and So, Blogger temporary disabled this option.If you purchased a domain recently or want to purchase domain for your blogger blog then please wait for some hours/days and after that you'll able to customize your domain.As soon as we get update for this topic we'll update in this post.

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