Friday, September 21, 2012

Cost Estimation and Factors That Make A Website Valuable

Author: Gagan Masoun
Cost Estimation and Factors That Make A Website Valuable
The article discusses the various ways in which the cost of website development is managed. It also informs about the factors that improve user interface of a website.Website development is a big task and has to be done with proper care as the company’s online image is dependent on it. It encompasses designing a site for the World Wide Web or a private network and making it available to internet users.

Designing the web page is a very critical task for every business and for big organizations and businesses web development employs large number of people who are called web developers.Web development is usually a joint effort of various departments working in consultation with each other. Companies have to incur a cost for designing a website and calculation of this cost relies on factors like size and kind of website, number of graphics employed and the level of experience of the web developer employed.

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A proper planning of the things you want on your website helps in making a correct estimation of expenses involved in the process. Hiring the services of a developer makes this task of cost estimation simpler as he has an understanding of the elements required to create a site. Web Design Nottingham assists in a great way in estimating the cost that may be involved in designing a successful website. The factors that help in estimating costs can be determined on the basis of the number of pages that the website comprises of. Apart from this it is also dependent on number of graphics required to design a particular website. 

Custom designs are more costly as they consume more time to create. If some additional features are desired for a site like animation, content slider and other to make the site more attractive, extra hours need to be expended and thus the cost shoots up. When making an estimate of the expenses of getting a website designed and managed one also need to keep into account some extra contingency expenses which may be incurred. The hourly rate of the web developer hired is fixed in advance and then one can easily calculate the costs in incurred by multiplying this rate with the total number of hours used in designing a website. 

The development of the structural design of a website requires comprehension of its main objective. This in turn requires clarity about the goal and organizational objective of the business and also about the potential customers. The final planning of the website is done on the basis of all these factors and aim to meet the demands of both the customers and the business

The user interface to the site should be simple, understandable and easy to link and regular decluttering should be done to remove redundant items from the site. A well planned design goes a long way in achieving such a goal. A clear and vivid website not only draws users to a site but also helps them to use it without any apprehensions. Web Design Nottingham adheres to all these factors and aims at building a website which is both customer friendly and business friendly.

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