Sunday, September 30, 2012

Correct Facebook Cover Size (Width And Height) For Timeline Profile

Author: Gagan Masoun
Correct Facebook Cover Size (Width And Height) For Timeline ProfileAs you know that Facebook has added option of Cover picture in Timeline profiles.You can add your bigger size photo in your Timeline profile or page as a cover.But, some times you can not choose the exact dimensions of photo for your cover, Because many people don't know the correct Facebook cover size (Width & Height).

In this tutorial I will share exact dimensions for your Facebook Profile Picture and TimeLine Cover Picture.

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The exact size for Timeline cover picture is 851px x 315px. But you can upload larger photos because you can still drag and crop them to re-size the cover.If you will upload cover image is less than the expected size then you will see message in pop-up "Your cover photo needs to be at least 399 pixels wide. Please choose a different image."For example see image below to know exact size about your Facebook cover or profile picture:

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Area Divided For Facebook Timeline

Size (Width And Height) Of Facebook TimeLine Cover:

You can upload a single cover photo of dimensions mentioned below.
  • Facebook TimeLine Cover Width: 851 pixels
  • Facebook TimeLine Cover Height: 315 pixels

Size (Width And Height) Of Facebook Profile Photo:

Facebook changed to profile photos size from large to smaller.The dimensions for  Facebook  Profile Picture are mentioned below.
  • Facebook Profile Pic Width: 180 pixels
  • Facebook Profile Pic Height: 180 pixels

Facebook New Timeline Design Full Dimensions

I hope this little tutorial help! If you need any help ask via comments.

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