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Mass Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Author: Gagan Masoun
Mass Monetize Your YouTube Channel
If you have your own YouTube channel then its very good thing.If you have a YouTube channel, you may not know that you can earn money from your videos (if they are yours) through Adsense's revenue sharing program.With the help of YouTube Partner you will be able to monetize your videos.You just need only two things first is YouTube account with videos and an Google Adsense account.

Go to Video Manager in your YouTube account, then you’ll see a notification letting you know that you can now monetize your videos.Then you can sign up for Adsense account and then monetize your videos.

How to Bulk Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Then, you’ll need to follow these steps to connect the two, and monetize your videos.

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Setting Ad Preferences

First of all you must log in to your YouTube account then click Video Manager option, and you’ll see a dollar sign with green color or without color.Monetized videos in green color dollar sign & without monetized videos in without color dollar sign.
Setting Ad Preferences

With mass monetizing you can easily monetize videos in bulk. Go to Settings then click on Ad Defaults.  Select all "Ad Formats" options and click on Save.

You can set defaults below for future uploads. These settings can be overridden on individual videos.

Ad Defaults - How to Bulk Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Bulk Monetize Your Videos:

Select 2 or more videos at a time and click on Action drop-down to bulk monetize them using the default preferences you have just saved. If you go through all your movies you can update the ad types in bulk like this.

If you’ve already set those preferences for a movie, then setting it again will make no difference. If a video only had some of the new preferences set, they will be updated to the full range of options when you have selected them and applied your new preferences.

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To mass monetize after you have set your monetization preferences, go to Video Manager, where you’ll see your uploaded videos listed.  Select the videos that you want to monetize, as below, then go to Actions and select Monetize.

Bulk Monetize Your Videos

A new window will pop up to confirm "Monetize Selected Videos". Click on the blue Monetize button.All of those videos are monetized to your preferences.

Monetize Selected Videos

Its All done you will see confirmation also after monetize these videos.

Update your preferences and in a few weeks time you will see your YouTube revenues increase.

If you know about more tips and tricks about YouTube then Share them with us in the comments.

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