Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
How to Create a Facebook Fan Page For Your BlogHere is the complete guide "How to Create a Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog?". Facebook is a place where you can promote your business, blog / website, brand etc. All brand companies, singers, business owners have Facebook fans pages now. I am giving some examples here: FacebookLaysAdidasCoca Cola etc.

I have also BlogsDaddy Facebook fan page, here is the link of my Facebook fan page. So, let's start making outstanding Facebook Fan Page.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog

1.Log In To Your Facebook Account --> Go To The Create Fan Page Link --> Select Brand or Product
Create Facebook Fan Page Link
Create Facebook Fan Page Link

Select Website from the drop down list and provide the Page name in the next box.Check I agree to Facebook Pages Terms. Click On "Get Started".

2.On the Next Page, Upload an Image for your Fan Page and Fill About Us Details. You can upload photo from computer or directly import from your website or blog.

Set Up Your Facebook Fan Page

Set Up Your Facebook Fan Page
3.Once you have added the image, about us info and upload cover photo, you can edit the fan page information by clicking on the “Edit Page” link as in the image below

Edit Your Facebook Fan Page
4. Now, you have successfully created your Facebook Fan Page.If you want, you can automatically post your blog posts to Facebook. There are multiple ways to do it. I'm specifying one of them here.

Getting a Better Fan Page URL

Here are some more tips for getting better Facebook fab page. Your Fan Page URL will look something like www.facebook.com/pages/Blogs-Daddy-Demo/321550481271055.Now if you have a large number of fans (Your page needs at least 25 fans to have a username) , then you can choose a better URL for your Facebook fan page easily. For Example: www.facebook.com/BlogsDaddy instead of a long one like www.facebook.com/pages/Blogs-Daddy-Demo/321550481271055

To claim such small usernames for your Facebook page, go to www.facebook.com/username and Click on Set a username for your Pages. There you can select the short user name for your fan page.Once you opt for a user name you can change it one more time only, for the proper guide click here.

Getting More Fans

So you just created a new Fan Page with no fans. To get more fans, you can try adding a Like Box to your blog or website. This will allow Facebook users to “Like” your Fan Page directly from your blog. 

You can get more Fans, by telling your Friends about your Fan Page. In the Build Audience Tab of your Fan Page, you will see an option to invite your Friends as given in image below:
about your Fan Page

Hope you get more Fans for your Fan Page. Happy Facebooking..

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