Sunday, July 7, 2013

List Of Websites to Check AdSense Penalty For a Domain

Author: Gagan Masoun
Check AdSense PenaltyGoogle AdSense is one of the most favorite money making technique used by bloggers world-wide. They serves Quality ads and high payout on time. Every blogger wants GA account to earn money from their blogs. If you have blog with huge amount of traffic then you can make thousands of dollars ($) by working at your home. Recently, one of our readers asked us, How to check if a Blog or website is Banned from using AdSense program.

Today in this article we will show you a list of online tools to Check AdSense Penalty for a blog. Let's start:
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Recently one of my friend's site ( AdSense serving was disabled. He is using different ad networks like InfolinksQadabra and so on.

Tools to Check AdSense Penalty

Banned by AdSenese or Google Search

You can use this tool to check Adsense and Google ban results. If you are buying any domain then you should check URL first with this tool. First of all add the domain name in the box, and click on submit. It will show you the results as shown in the above screenshot. 

Google AdSense Sandbox

This tool developed by Indian pro-blogger Amit Agarwal (Labnol.Org). Go to this link, add the domain name and click on preview ads button. If you see all the ad spots are blank, that means AdSense account is banned for particular domain. In our case ad sports are not blank (see screenshot below).

Google AdSense Sandbox

Is Banned ???

Is Banned is a easy way to check Ad serving status for a website. Go here, add the domain name and click on submit.

Check if your site is banned by Adsense

If your AdSense is banned or you don't have an account then there are other so many ways to monetize your blog.

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If you know any other online tool to check AdSense banned status then let's us know via comments below. Happy Earnings :)


  1. Great Sharing... Is there any website though which we can find the yahoo ads popularity? :)


    1. Brother, I will find these kind of tools and write article soon. Keep checking our blog.

      Cheers.. :)

  2. Nice share brother! excellent tools

    1. Glad to know that you liked it. Stay tuned brother.

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    1. Hemant My friend provided me this template and I customize it for personal use. Brother I can provide you another type templates if you want.