Monday, July 8, 2013

How to Make Backlinks For Your Blog With Images

Author: Gagan Masoun
Make Backlinks For Your Blog With Images
As we all know, backlinks are important factor for every blog or website. You can create backlinks with the help of blog commenting, social networking sites (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.) and many other techniques. Yes, images are great for landing organic visitors, but you can get images to do a lot more for you, such as scoring you backlinks! Here are some of the ways you can use images to get some good quality backlinks for your blog!


You should create an Infographic, because with the help of  Infographics you can get backlinks from tremendous authority websites like the NYTimes, and Business Insider etc. These sites published only quality infographics that provide some responsive information to the readers. You can easily create your own with online tools.

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Image Directories

Also submit your Image directories. There are so many  directories available are available for photographer, or a graphics designer.
Image Directories List:
  • (Clipart)
  • (Clipart)
  • (Stock Photography)
  • (Stock Photography)
  • (Icons)
  • (Icons)
If you are uploading your photos to these type of sites then you can set the license to free also. In that case, you'll get a link to your credit as an author.

Searching By Image

If other bloggers copy your blog post image and put it up on their own blog as well. If they do not give you credit for the image. Don't worry! Keep reading :)

First of all copy image URL on your site or blog. Now, visit Google's image search, and click on the little camera icon on the right of the search bar. Paste your image's URL in the bar, and click on "search by image" button. It will show you all sites list that have used your image. If they didn't give you an attribution link, then contact them, and ask them to.


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