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5 Tips For Writing Technology Guest Posts

Author: Gagan Masoun
5 Tips For Writing Technology Guest PostsWriting technology guest posts on high-traffic blogs and websites is a great way to market products and services. It is a win-win situation for the author of the guest post and the blog owner. Sometimes websites receive higher ratings solely on guest posts. Therefore, you should not think twice before approaching a blog owner and offering your services for free.

The following are some important tips when writing guests posts on technology websites and blogs.

Examples Of Guest Post:

1. Know The Blog and The Owner

You have to research the background of the blog. Is it one that talks about a specific topic such as android phones? Or does it cover a broad range of subjects? Visit the blog and look through its categories, posts, reader comments and so on. Understand the situation the blog is in. Are you sure that people are looking for information on this blog? What kind of audience consumes the content of this blog?

Once you have these answers, you will know what to write about and in what manner to write it. Read the existing guest posts of various authors on the blog. Analyze how they have presented the content. If need be, get in touch with them to understand what works best on this blog.

2. Don’t Duplicate Content

Write original, well-researched content. Write based on your own experiences rather than recycling content from others’ blogs and websites. Some blogs have strict guidelines regarding plagiarism. Importantly, readers of technology posts want to read what they have not read before, or have read less about.

You should make that extra effort to gather such content. The more unique your content is, the more it will be read. And you can expect visitors to click on the link you posted on your guest blog post to your website or blog promoting your products.

Choose topics that are current and relevant. Never write about something that has been released into the market several months back unless there are specific search terms on the blog relating to the same. Posting outdated content hardly justifies your quality as an interesting guest writer.

3. Look To Write For Fledgling Blogs

Big and high-traffic blogs won’t accord you guest writer status unless you have substantial writing experience. Therefore, you start writing technology guest posts on small blogs. There are tons of these types of blogs.

When writing on smaller blogs, always post the best content. Don’t save the best of your writing for your own blog and put the substandard ones as the guest post. Remember that small blogs have excellent potential to bring more visibility to your products and services.

4. Post A Professional Looking and Proper Blog Post

Before you post your guest write-up, check for the grammar, syntax, and terse in the textual content. Resolve any spelling errors. Check if the links are working. If you have used others’ content, cite it. Don’t shy away from using citations and crediting sources from where you have picked information.

This is important especially when writing technology guest posts. Unless you wrote something based on your own offline research, you could be tempted to use online resources to build your content. When your technology guest post has citations, it increases your post’s credibility.

5. Use Promotional Measures

After writing your technology guest post, don’t let it lie there in oblivion. Use social media to promote it. Share the link of your guest post on your Facebook profile. Tweet it on your Twitter profile to your followers. Use LinkedIn to reach out to people and ask them their opinions about your technology guest post. If you have a mailing list, mail the technology guest post and also include the link of the source website. You have to do such activities to ensure your guest post is read by the maximum number of people.

If you have any other tip in your mind then share with us via comments.

Author - Sujatha is an engineer, digs android phones and writing on technology topics is her hobby.


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