Friday, January 18, 2013

How To Contact Facebook Team (100+ Ways)

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Contact Facebook Team (100+ Ways)
Facebook contact is a mystery for many people. I’m going to share useful article to contact Facebook, either for my own demands or for my loyal readers. Fb's CEO (+Mark Zuckerberg) recently launched new Facebook search engine: Graph Search. Previously I used email address to get support from Facebook team, e.g.

Currently, there are more than 1 billion people on the website with 240 billion photos and 1 trillion connections in the social graph. However, in an effort to better serve its members and scale the support, the only way to reach Facebook is through a vast array of custom forms.

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Now, it’s hard to find out how to contact Facebook about your particular problems. I always try to find my solutions in the Help Center page and sometimes proceed to Something’s Not Working.

If you failed to find your solution in help center page or something's not working then Facebook gives you a  another option which is form that you can fill out to contact them about your specific trouble.

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Mari Smith (FB addicted) shared a directory list of forms to contact Facebook a couple of years ago, running in Google search on the top.

Today, I thought to create my own directory list for this purpose. There are some similarities between the two lists, but I have added a lot of fresh helpful stuff in this list. Take a look:

Facebook’s Fan Page Help

Facebook Advertising Contact

Contact Facebook For Bookmarks Problem

Contact Facebook For Personal Profile or Fan Page

Contact Facebook About Problems With Chat and Calling

Contact Facebook About Issue With Apps and Games

Contact Facebook For Issue With Search

Contact Facebook About Issue With Notifications

Contact Facebook For Help With Facebook Mobile

Contact Facebook For Groups or Events Issue

Contact Facebook For Report Offenders

Contact Facebook About Other Issues

Need Help:

I am damn sure this article is helpful to you. If your issue not listed here, Let us know via comment box below. If any of these forms are not working then try to find your solutions on Facebook's help center page. Best Wishes!

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