Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Most Idiotic Ways To Promote Your Blog Online

Author: Gagan Masoun
3 Most Idiotic Ways To Promote Your Blog OnlineSometimes promoting your blog means doing something completely stupid. When traffic to your blog slows down, it's important to find ways of reaching a totally new market. This means stepping outside the box and doing something completely different to draw attention to your URL. When struggling to find ways of endorsing yourself, try using these three completely idiotic methods to promote your blog online.

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Promotion is really about increasing visibility. How better to increase your visibility than by writing your URL name in a variety of places. Try writing your URL on post-it notes and then sticking them on bathroom mirrors, and on the back of bathroom stalls, bus seats, people's backs, the light pole and busy street corners and more. The possibilities are endless.

Also, consider getting business cards with your URL on them and sticking them on every cork board in the city. Many restaurants, dry cleaners and other business locations have a cork board for hanging ads; make sure your URL is visible there.

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These business cards can also be handed out anytime you use your credit card. When at a restaurant, slide the business card with the URL in the folder behind your credit card, hand the business card to the checker at the grocery store along with your credit card. Remember that the key is simply to increase visibility and peak someone's interest.

Finally, consider writing your URL on your car. Get four of those giant door magnets printed with your URL on it, then stick them to your trunk, hood, and both sides of the car. Think of the number of people you pass on your daily commute. If even one percent of them are curious enough to look you up, how much would that boost traffic to your blog?

2. Get Gear

Another great way to improve visibility is to get clothing out there with your URL written all over it. This gives you a couple of great opportunities to grow your Blog following. First, it increases the number of places potential visitors are likely to see your URL, and second it gives you merchandise to sell.

T-shirts are a great place to start. Everybody loves a free T-shirt. It is a fact, that if someone hands us a free T-shirt, we will wear it, and most likely we will wear it in public. At first glance this may seem expensive, but believe it or not, you do not have to have your own T-shirts printed. Instead, make a charitable donation to some cause in exchange for having your Logo or URL printed on their T-shirts. Imagine a whole team of little T-ballers playing ball every Tuesday night with your URL on their back. You get the exposure not only at the ball games, but every time they wear the shirt to the grocery store once ball season is over. The same goes for walkathon shirts, or whatever other charity is ongoing in your area.

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When you are ready to make a greater investment, come up with a cheesy slogan of your own. Make it something catchy, if idiotic, that will sell. Think of Larry the Cable Guy and all the "Get-r-done" gear that is walking around. Put that logo, along with your URL, on a variety of products including T-shirts, ball caps and hoodies. You will have to give some away in the beginning, but then set up a shop online where others can purchase your wears. The catchier the slogan on your clothing, the more you will sell, and the more traffic you will direct to your website.

3. Make a Stupid Video

YouTube is a growing social network where people express themselves, and the more idiotic they get, the better. Make an outrageous video of yourself, and then superimpose your URL over the video. This will lead people back to your website every time they view the video.

For ongoing traffic improvement, consider not one, but a series of YouTube posts. These are often called vlogs or video blogs and give you multiple opportunities to promote your blog online. Posting a new video daily, or once a week, at whatever frequency works for you, greatly improves the chances that customers will stumble across one of your videos and follow it back to your blog URL.

Remember that creating variety in your video posts will cast a wider net, and thereby attract more attention to the URL. Consider stand-up comedy, covering a song by a popular artist, performing an idiotic stunt, telling a touching story through flash cards, or creating a fan video for a popular movie or video game.

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Whichever method, or methods you decide to try, remember that the real trick is simply increasing visibility. Try to use these, or other idiotic methods to reach a new market. If you have previously marketed primarily women, find a way to reach the male population. If you previously marketed strictly to gamers, try to reach non-gamers, and so on. In doing so, you truly build a new customer base, rather than simply appealing to the old customer base in a new way.


  1. This was bit funny , however these tips can be practically applied to get attended.

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  2. Nice Post and blog bro and your blog is very helpful to new bloggers like me :) My blog

  3. Hmm! These are indeed idiotic ways to promote a blog but they could be effective in bringing in traffic. Yes, promoting a blog is all about increase its visibility, and there is no doubt that an ideal like pasting the URL of blog anywhere can help drive in traffic! Thanks for sharing this. :D

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  4. "When traffic to your blog slows down, it's important to find ways of reaching a totally new market. "

    That is right! You are stupid if you will just do nothing and sit on your chair watching your traffic falling down and down and down.

    I guess, sharing your URL to your friends, posting to Facebook, making a handbill as a promotion and whatsoever related is being formal and by doing so, you can get the right audience that will fit your website.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing content aggregator site, and I "kingged" it and left this comment.

  5. While these blog promotional methods may seem out of the box, they can as well be effective. Reaching out to people through different means can boost your site traffic at the end of the day. People will easily be curios to find out what the URL is all about, maybe if you have some money to throw around you can run classified ads on newspapers as well or make sticker and paste on taxis in the city.

    I found this post on and left a comment there. Thanks for sharing.

    1. First of all thanks for your comment. Yeah, if people has some money to promote their business or blog then its very good thing. Students can not manage money to promote their blogs.