Thursday, October 25, 2012

YouTube Annotations Update: Allow Links To External Websites

Author: Gagan Masoun
YouTube Annotations Update: Allow Links To External Websites
Here is good news for all YouTube lovers.First of all I feel sorry, because I'm late to post this story. All YouTube users can create clickable hyperlinks to their own website from within a video using annotations feature. Thus, if your YouTube video explains What's New In Facebook Messages, you can insert an annotation linking to your original blog post where the information provided in proper details.
Dror Shimshowitz, YouTube Head of Product for Creators, made this announcement few days ago while speaking at event in San Bruno.

Benefit Of YouTube Annotations Update

YouTube does support clickable annotations only for another YouTube video or a search results page on the YouTube website. But with the help of this latest feature now users will be able to provide link to their external blog posts.It will help you to drive a lot of traffic for their website or blog directly from YouTube services.

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According to Dror Shimshowitz the updated feature of annotations will be rolling out to all YouTube users.But he didn’t tell exact time frame for this.Hopefully, you can enjoy this feature soon.

Here’s the full recording of Dror’s talk:

Dror from the YouTube product team will provide updates on new types of annotations they're rolling out.

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