Friday, October 26, 2012

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Author: Gagan Masoun
Best Google Chrome Extensions For BloggersGoogle Chrome is the property of search giant "Google".Google Chrome is the most popular browser today. This is useful for every user because it has a lot of extensions according to their users interest. You can find extensions as per your taste. Google Chrome extensions are really useful for bloggers.

It has a lot of amazing blogging related extensions.Today, I’m going to share with you some of the best Google Chrome extensions that have made my daily blogging tasks easier.If you don’t yet use Google Chrome, it’s very simple and safe to download. You can do so here:

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Top Google Chrome Apps For Bloggers

Blog This

BlogThis! button to the browser toolbar, which allows you post to your Blogger blog from any webpage with single click.You can post anything in your blog easily and quickly. When you click the button Blogger open in a new application window. Edit the post according to your mind and post it instantly to your blog!

Blog This

SEO For Chrome

SEO For Chrome is a very useful app for all bloggers and webmasters.It allows you to check your website or blog ranking and anything about SEO for your site. Enter your blog or website URL and get information about your site’s SEO will pop out, from your indexed pages in Google, Yahoo and Bing, to your Pagerank and traffic levels.

Chrome Web Store - SEO for Chrome

Screen Capture

Google Chrome has a wonderful free app for all called, Screen Capture. It has thousands of reviews, more than a million users, and an average rating of 4.03 stars. This is one of my favorite extension.You can easily capture anything on webpages with a single click.

Screen Capture

You can give a new look to captured image with arrows and colors etc. Screen Capture is available in Windows, Linux and Mac.You can share captured image on your blog or social networking websites. Capture image will save in .PNG format.

Google Dictionary

Some times bloggers can do grammar mistakes.If there is a grammatically incorrect word or sentence in your article then your article is not useful for others or search engines. Google have a solution for this, use "Google Dictionary" extension  for this purpose.I afraid from mistakes, So, I use the Google Dictionary extension.

Features Of This Extension:
  1. Double-click any text to view its meaning.
  2. View the complete definition of a whole phrase.
Google Dictionary (by Google)


AddThis extension allows you to share your stuff on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg, Blogger etc.You can track your sharing also with the help of this extension. You can share anything simply & quickly and modify this tool according to your choice from the “Options”.It is another useful extension for bloggers.
AddThis - Share & Bookmark (New)

Bitly - URL Shortener

Bitly allows you to instantly save and share any web page, right from your browser with the bitly Chrome extension.It allows tracking,forwarding and redirecting URLs.You can then easily share the URL on Twitter, Facebook,, Digg, and LinkedIn etc.

Bitly - URL Shortener
Which Is Your Favorite Google Chrome Extension? Can you share some more extensions and tell us why you use them? I will share more interesting extension with all of you.Keep in touch with us.Keep blogging and God Bless!

Author - Gagan Masoun is the owner of Blogs Daddy Blog.Gagan lives in India, has been blogging since 2010 and writing Blogs Daddy Blog since 2011.You can find him in the usual social networks.


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