Tuesday, October 2, 2012

YouTube: A Source of Fame and Fun for Many People

Author: Gagan Masoun
YouTube:  A Source of Fame and Fun for Many PeopleAfter its creation on the 14th of February 2005, YouTube has grown up as a major video-sharing website on the internet. People can upload, share or view the videos of their interest. It requires only Adobe flash player to become a viewer of YouTube. Videos of each and every aspect of life can be seen on YouTube.

I also share the 1st video in this post that was uploaded to YouTube. Keep reading this useful post:

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YouTube - Creating Internet Celebrities:

Many ordinary people have become celebrities through YouTube. This is all because of the exclusive video-hosting service of YouTube. For example, if someone just sings a song for fun and upload it on YouTube, he could become a man of fame if the people like his song. He could be a celebrity within a small span of time by just sitting at his home. It is creating celebrities in following ways:
  • It gives you a chance to show your talent to the world through internet by sitting at your home.
  • It makes you feel proud of yourself, through the comments and likes of the people on your uploaded content.
  • If you really deserve to be a celebrity, then the professionals of your field can easily find you through YouTube and help you progress in the field.
These were some important ways in which YouTube is helping people in becoming internet celebrities.

YouTube - All In One:

YouTube is that type of exclusive and versatile website on which every type of video can be found. Either it’s a cricket match or some controversy or a drama, everything can be found on YouTube. Some exclusive features of YouTube are:

  • Anybody having an age of 18 years or above can register himself on YouTube to upload, share, like or comment a video. Viewing a video does not require any registration.
  • Videos of any kind can be easily watched on YouTube.
  • Trailers of upcoming movies, full old movies can be viewed easily.
  • YouTube also offers the viewers different video quality options to watch the video.
  • You can upload your personally made content to increase the fame of your videos and to become popular.
  • You can share the videos on social networking websites like Facebook, through YouTube.
  • YouTube can make you an internet celebrity from an ordinary man.In short, YouTube covers a whole world in itself.
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YouTube Updates: What’s So Good About It?

The best and the most important thing about YouTube is the number of increasing users. YouTube updates keep its users updated with the new videos coming. YouTube is a big source of knowing about the upcoming movies. Some of the good things about the YouTube updates are:
  • It updates you about the latest videos.
  • Trailers of new movies can be viewed in good quality.
  • New video songs of movies, individuals and bands can be viewed.
  • Breaking videos of many interesting facts can be observed.
  • It gives you full freedom to comment on the videos and share your views.
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