Wednesday, October 3, 2012

6 Mobile Apps For Life Insurance Newbies

Author: Gagan Masoun
6 Mobile Apps For Life Insurance NewbiesMobile applications are becoming dearer and dearer to human lives these days. There is a big demand for these applications as they have proved their worth in every aspect of man’s life ranging from business, entertainment, education, productivity and more.More often, smartphones are being purchased based on their app market shares.

This is where the iOS and Android have led the way. These mobile platforms offer variety of applications that can take over your daily-life activities.

How about using mobile applications for your life insurance? Sounds queer? But that’s practical. One of those factors that define your adulthood is buying your first ever life insurance policy. It is very important that you understand how a policy works and be intelligent enough not to be carried away with eye-catching offers.

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Here are some exclusive mobile apps that can help you chose the right life insurance plan as a starter.

I know that sounds insulting, but that’s how the app is named. Bear with it for the application can help you in deciding the value of your life insurance policy. The app will ask you for a series of details and after entering them, it will make a monetary value, based on the inputs you have entered. You can never go by what the app suggests; nevertheless, it still gives you a fair idea for the financial health protection of your family. 

Yes, you guessed it right. Before opting for a policy, it is important to figure out what value of insurance you should be purchasing. Your needs will differ in accordance with whether you have a family, a debt amount or mortgage. The application will dedicatedly work in helping you to determine the coverage you should buy based on your assets and expenses. 

You may be a newbie to life insurance. But never take an agent’s advice or walk into his office without a clue. Guide to Life Insurance application can strengthen your knowledge so that you can confidently review and buy a life insurance policy without having to listen to whatever an agent insists. 

If you are unable to come to terms with the latest in insurance policies, don’t worry. Insurance Terms app will help you learn and distinguish between different properties in the science of insurance. So no more sitting in the office of an insurance agent and listening to his stereo instructions! The app can prevent you from signing up for policies you never wanted. 

Sounds like the name of a Hollywood movie? Well, it isn’t. The app helps you compare and contrast different rates for your insurance. This is crucial if you want to get the best policies at the best rates possible. Just like you are choosy about your car or your mobile phone, you ought to be choosy about your insurance policies as well. Now you can compare different insurance policies, rolling on your office chair, right from your smart phone. 

This integrative financial app helps you manage banking information and investments right from your smartphone. You can review accounts with USAA app and also make use of its advice feature to get relevant information. This will assist you in making financial decisions that you would never regret in future. 

As the saying goes, ‘Ignorance is the curse of God’ and how true is that! Do not let a cunning life-insurance agent take advantage of your ignorance. More importantly, understand how your policy works and what you are paying for. The above mentioned apps are a boon when you want to buy a life insurance policy. The key is to have enough knowledge on the latest policies and their properties and that is exactly what the applications offer you.  


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