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Best 10 Mobile App That Brings More Transparency To Political Advertising

Author: Gagan Masoun
Best 10 Mobile App That Brings More Transparency To Political AdvertisingWith the presidential elections approaching the country, political campaigns has become an important aspect of media. Many people often wonder about the source of money for these political campaigns. The new Political Ad Transparency Rule has now made it comparatively easier for people to track information about these ads.

The rule states that broadcasters will be required to put details of a political ad on a government website. The online sources are required to include information about the buyer of political ads the payment made for each advertisement.

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With the onset of elections and all this information being made available, a number of applications are being launched for mobile devices that can help you keep track of the election campaigns. Out of these apps, there are some that enhance the transparency rule by making it easier to access the information that is being provided by the broadcaster.

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Here are 10 apps that can help you in tracking political ads, news and information:

1.Super PAC

Super Pac App is one of the best apps that can be used to track political ads created by MIT’s Media Lab. The application is easy to use and designed for the use of regular people for information. The app uses voice recognition technology to identify different ad campaigns. Once you phone identifies the campaign, it connects you the source of information regarding it.

Super PAC

The information provided includes the organization information that created the ad, the costs involved and data regarding the accuracy of any claims made. The app also allows user to rate the ads. The app is supported by the iOS system and can be downloaded from the App Store without any cost.

2.Ad Hawk

Another app that is designed to provide transparency to the political ad campaigns is Sunlight Foundation’s Ad Hawk. The app is supported by both iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free. This application is also based on audio-recognition.

Ad Hawk

The app provides initial information about the ad including the payment details. The app further provides other details related to the group including their affiliations and their previous ad structures. Additionally, the app also provides mission statement of the funding group and their spending details.

3.WP Politics

This is a complete and comprehensive political app made available by the Washington Post which helps the users in staying up-to-date with the latest happenings of the presidential campaigns. The app provides a list of features that provide thorough information on every aspect of the upcoming elections. 

WP Politics

The app also has advertisement tracking tools that provide information about the ongoing campaigns and their sponsorship structure.

4.CNN-Time Convention Floor Pass

This app by Time Warner is available for iPhone, iPad and Android which provides wealth of information about the current political happenings including news, reports, analysis, speeches and election-related tweets. Additionally the app provides tools to track political ads that work towards bringing transparency to the ads.

CNN-Time Convention Floor Pass

5.Settle It!

The app was recently launched by PolitiFact, Poynter and the Knight Foundation. It is supported by both Android and iPhone systems. The application is extremely quick and helpful in providing information regarding the accuracy of claims that are made in any particular political advertisement, alerting people to any misinformation.

Settle It!

6.DNC 2012

This is the official app launched by Democratic National Convention for iOS and Android systems. The app provides you information about the upcoming events and latest happenings, press releases, videos, updates and several other features. The app also allows you to tag things for access at a later time.

DNC 2012

7.NBC Politics

NBC Politics is an app for iOS system and is considered to be one of the best apps for political junkies. It provides complete information database about the election campaigns and also offers to provide update of polling results on the election night.

NBC Politics

8.Google+ Hangouts

For Google+ users, this is an app that can be accessed conveniently from their mobile phones. The app does not only provide information and tools to track political campaigns but also provides people with a platform to interact with a number of reporters from different news outlets.

Google+ Hangouts


This iOS app provides data regarding different polls from many sources such as Gallup. These polls help people in determining the current level of support for the candidates regarding different matters of opinion.


10.U.S. Politics on Facebook

The app designed for Facebook is easily accessible through ant Smartphone that supports Facebook app. The application allows you to communicate with other people regarding the different political campaigns and also provide information on how Facebook can be used as a platform to share political ideas about other political advertisements.

U.S. Politics on Facebook

These apps allow you to simply point your phone towards your television and your phone will connect you to the website containing additional information. For political junkies who like to keep themselves involved thoroughly in the current happenings, these apps can be a perfect way to do so.

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