Saturday, October 20, 2012

How An Online Translation Service Could Help Your Business Grow

Author: Gagan Masoun
How An Online Translation Service Could Help Your Business GrowThe fast moving technology and the explosion of the internet have given way to the rise of a new age. The world has become “flat”. Different countries around the world have become much more connected than ever before. Distance, in the communication sector, is no longer an issue. We can communicate with other regions of the world in a much faster way.

Business has reached a new level and can now expand throughout the world. However, there is still a major handicap to overcome and that is the difference of languages.

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Say for example, you live in Europe and you need English to Russian translation.  You could try Google translation tool, chances are that it will only translate 75% of the document and you are not guaranteed a coherent translation let alone a grammatically correct one.

Not to mention that automated translation services will not know local expressions or colloquialism.You could also buy software to help you translate and while this may be acceptable temporarily, it will not help you with longer and more technical translations. Subtle use of words and phrases cannot be picked up on such software.

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Finding a good online translation service can be very beneficial if you want to expand your business further afield.  Translation agencies only employ native bilingual speakers who have years of experience in translating and can also meet your deadlines.They can recognize small nuances and translate them with the correct meaning in the given language.Having your website translated accurately, for example, will appear more professional to potential customers.

Having a native translator means that you can be much more in touch with the world different cultures and heritage.  All your manuals, business reports, product description, website content and other documents can be handled professionally, efficiently and rapidly.  Meaning that, you, as the business owner, can spend time managing the business.

Translating Your Material, Is It Really Necessary?

Before you begin researching on which is the best online translation provider for your business, it is important to understand what your needs are.  If you are selling beauty products for example, it may be that you require your products descriptions translated or depicting the merchandise might be what is more appropriate.  Employing a qualified translator also mean that they might be able to assist you in formulating a plan for translating your website for example, or how to incorporate this plan into your current business or marketing strategy.

The Cost Of A Translation Service:

These services are more expensive then if you hired a freelance translator.  However, translation services will usually offer guarantee, speed and accuracy.  They will also use a language with is easy to understand for native speakers of your target language.

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Overall, you should outweigh the benefits of hiring a reliable translation agency against the possibilities of gaining more customers from around the world.  It is not always easy to find a reliable translation company but it is not too difficult either with the help of the internet. Spend some time researching companies, read what they have to offer, find out about their previous work and if possible, obtain customer feedback to better judge their expertise and reliability.


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  3. When it comes to professional purposes I never go for online translation because sometimes the content has to be rewritten according to the culture of the language that we are going to translate.

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