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Are You Familiar With The History Of Blogging?

Author: Gagan Masoun
Are You Familiar With The History Of Blogging?Today,online culture presents you with in-depth utilization and popularity of the blogging business. There have been some sort of sincere and honest improvements and advancements in the field of web-blogging however, it becomes really important for us to know about the history and growth phenomenon.

Being an integral part of our life and online trends, blog represent different facets of media and every person today depends or loves the idea of blog whether these blogs are part of hobbies, interests or they might work as a source or platform for entertainment. If you will compare the history of blogging with that of the history of popular internet, you will definitely find it shorter.

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Web Blogging History – Starting Days

General assumption about the blogging facility is considered as the which was created by Swarthome College student, Justin Hall in 1994 who referred it as to homepage. The real word creation credit can be attributed to Jorn Barger in 1997 who coined the term weblog. In fact, the term was created in order to define the process of logging the web while browsing the internet. Peter Merholz defined and shortened the same word weblog to blog and it was done in 1999. In the earlier days of its history, it was really a complicated task for programmers to keep the blogs updated because each blog was then closely linked to archive or central home page. In the same time period, surfers easily found out some typical blogging platforms in the name of LiveJournal. But a single entity which brought it into mainstream was Blogger and it was created by Meg Hourihan and Evan Williams.

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Growth Of Blogging

As per the contemporary reports and surveys based on blogs, there were only 23 blogs in 1999 but it jumped up to 50 million by 2006. If you consider it as exponential growth for the blogs, you need to coin a different term to define this escalation. In the earlier years of 2000s, the same blogs were primarily used by top politicians and influential people of this world that include Wesley Clark and Howard Dean. It should be noted here that blogs then did enter into mainstream media sources, current news and pop culture. It was the year and period surrounding 2001 when blogging included guides and how-to articles. In order to have the most successful blogs on the World Wide Web, meta blogs were also defined and made comprehensive. TypePad and WordPress were released in 2003 that further boosted the rate of growth for the blogs throughout the world.

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Blogging Future – Where It Really Is Going?

Blogs were considered as the vital and primary tool of online communication hardly a decade ago. Due to huge influx and rising popularity of the social networking and social media platforms, the arena of blogging has shrunk. Blogging is ought to flourish in the coming years due to its number of inherent benefits. Some of the top benefits that will drive the growth rate and its popularity in a few upcoming decades are low cost hardware, high speed and reasonable broadband; extreme growth of social media and convenience in using the internet blogs.

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