Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Must Have Widgets and Plugins For Your Blogs

Author: Gagan Masoun
Must Have Widgets and Plugins For Your Blogs
In the previous tutorial I shared about 5 Types Of Plugins Every Blog Needs To Have Installed.Today, in this guest post, you will learn about 3 widgets and plugins which are important for every blogger's blog. Blogging is a futile exercise if it isn't being shared with the larger public – at least for serious bloggers, who make it an attempt to reach as wide an audience they can on a platform relatively free.

Over a web space they can call their own and meet with other bloggers, and readers of blogs who would be interested in sharing and exchanging information, knowledge, opinions and perceptions about select, niche topics or the matters of the world in general.

Although blogging is largely recognized as a personal activity – the term ‘blog’ is derived from web-blog, hence shortened to blog – where one can muse on the happenings of the world, it is different from keeping a diary inasmuch the entire point of putting it online – aside from the fact that it can be accessed anywhere – is that you share your words with at least a few people, if not everyone who has access to the internet. To this end, we have a list for you to show how you can make the most out of your blogs - must have list of widgets and plugins that will add more meaning to your blogs, and which any new/serious blogger simply cannot do without. 

The Subscription Widget: 

A subscription widget is the most basic of widgets that allow your readers to keep in touch with you and be updated with your posts each time you put up a new one. It comes mostly as a sidebar, where readers can enter their emails to either get the post delivered instantly in the inboxes, or follow you through other popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed. Other ways to subscribe to your posts may include the actual buttons of social networks like Facebook etc, Like, Share, Tweet , +1, and all of them help to build a loyal readership as well as move traffic to your page. 

Popular Posts

For new readers, a blog can be pretty bewildering if the visit the page for the first time, especially if they are only exploring to get the feel of your web space, have landed there on recommendation or stumbled upon it. To attract them, and keep them on your blog, a popular posts widget is absolutely essential. It will give them an idea about what your blog is of, and they will read those posts which have either been shared most, have been liked most, or have been commented about most, thus giving them instant information about the popularity of your blog, which may have an effect on their becoming a regular reader, as well as the kind of posts you do, your writing or photography style and other quick information about your blog decipherable at a glance.

Related Posts 

Related posts is one widget that makes for continuous and seamless reading meant for readers who have lingered on your blog for a while, or those who have come there looking for certain kinds of information and would like to read more of the same kind. Related posts show up at the end of a blog post making it easy and ideal for readers to stay on the blog, continue reading of articles of interest and do so without the hassle of searching through the internet or your blog for topics that might interest them.


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