Thursday, August 9, 2012

Advanced Tips and Tricks For Making Money With Your Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
Advanced Tips and Tricks For Making Money With Your Blog
If you are blogger and want to make money from your blog then there are a lot of ways to earn money from Internet.By following these tips you can earn thousands of dollars by working at home.Today there are a lot of blogger who are earning lacs of from there blogs or websites.Google Adsense is the perfect way to earn through Your blog.

One perfect blog can change your whole life.There are tens of thousands of bloggers who make money blogging and full time living from their blogs.

Google Adsense

Google AdsenseYou can earn money in thousands and lacs by serving Google Ads on your blog.Google serve ads in the form of text, Image and video ads.By putting Google ad code on your blog,you will be able to see ads on your blog.When your blog visitors click on these ads then Google will bless you with dollars.I am not using Google's ref feral program But you have to note very important thing that "Never Click On Ads Yourself" or any other trick that artificially generates clicks or page views (impressions) on your Google ads is strictly prohibited.If you will do this then Google might be disable your Adsense account permanently.

Tips For Earn More From Google Ads:

  • Set your Google ads with proper position on blog
  • Use Different Ad Formats, 250×300 pixel ads work best (usually with a blended design).
  • Make ads visible to your readers
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I Don't Google Adsense Account! Now What?

If you don't have GA account then don't worry there are too many ways to earn from internet which I am talking about today.
The best thing is that you can also place these ads If you are serving Google Ads on your blog. But notice that don't place to many ads on your blog.You have to place ads on right place.


ChitikaBloggers who don't have their Google Adsense account they can place ads in their blogs from Chitika.Chitika is an Adsense alternative and it shows ads on your blog according to contents in your blog.This is the great option for bloggers.Chitika ads work well on blogs that receive mostly search traffic from their accepted countries, which are many more than just the US & Canada.

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Text Link Ads

Text Link AdsOn many blogs and websites you have notice that there are two lines under the words and when you move your cursor upon the word a box will be open this is called a text links ads.If you want these ads on your blog you can get your account from:-


PPC AdsPPC (Pay per Click) means you get paid when your visiter click on ads.You can place PPC ads on your blog from Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, Adbrite and Chitika as mentioned above.If You have huge amount of visitors then you should have to place CPM (Cost per Mille) ads .You can get these ads from:

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  1. A very useful post buddy. Thanks for having share with us. Anyway, would u like to tell me the maximum CTR of Adsense?

  2. i just started bloging, i am yet to apply for GA, how will i go about it

    1. Hello Lucky,

      You should check our post about "Things To Do Before Applying For Adsense Account" here.