Monday, June 25, 2012

How To Get Email When Someone Unfriend You On Facebook?

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Get Email When Someone Unfriend You On Facebook?
This tutorial will guide you "How To Receive Email notification when someone unfriend you on Facebook?". I remember that before Facebook many people want more and more scraps than others. But on Facebook, I am watching that some people want more and more friends as a competition.

These days, people tend to have friends in 100 above. So if someone un-friends you, how would you know which of your 249 friends was it? Facebook doesn't send you any sort of notification email for this, nor do I think it ever has. But here is third party app available called TwentyFeet.

What is Twenty Feet?

TwentyFeet is an "egotracking" service that will help you keep track of your own social media activities and monitor your results. They aggregate metrics from different services, thus giving you the full picture of what happens around you on the web - all in one place.

Twenty Feet is a free service that can be used with one FB as well as one Twitter profile. It tells who unfriended or unhallowed you. It makes a list of all friends added in your profile. When one or more friends go missing, Twenty Feet will send you an email.

This application is free for use and can be linked to only one Facebook and one Twitter account. If you want to use this application for multiple accounts and business pages, you will have to go premium at $2.5 per year. 

How to See Who Unfriended You?

Short intro on how you can use TwentyFeet for free to find out who unfriends you on facebook. Get your forever free account at now!


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