Monday, June 25, 2012

How To Connect Website Email Address To Gmail Account

Author: Gagan Masoun
How To Connect Website Email Address To Gmail Account
This simple tutorial will guide you "How To Connect Your Website Email Address To Gmail Account?". After a long research and according to me Gmail is the best emailing service in the world. Gmail has a lot of qualities like - high security, 2-step verification, gadgets and advanced tools etc.

I am not using Yahoo, Rediffmail or Hotmail from long time. If you have create an Email address for your blog or website using Google Apps so now if you are want to redirect all Emails sent at your domain address to your Gmail account. You can use the same method to connect your blog or website email even if you don't use Google apps. You can now manage all your friends, personal and professional emails right from just one Gmail account. You can switch between email addresses and email using any address you want. Lets start to work and follow the steps.

How To Connect Website Email Address To Gmail Account?

  • Firstly, Log In Your Gmail Account
  • Click On Settings
Click On Settings
  • Click On Accounts and Import Tab --> "Send mail as:" Click The Link That Says:
Add another email address you own

Add another email address you own

Add another email address you own
  • In the window that pops up, submit your name or website name in the Name box, type your website email address inside Email address box, uncheck the box that says Treat as an alias, in the Reply-to address you must submit your Gmail id so that emails sent to your domain id are received at your Gmail id. 
  • Click Next step. You will now be asked whether you want to send emails through Gmail server or your website SMTP server. Choose Gmail because this is so easy to use Select the option Send through Gmail (easier to set up) and click Next step
  • Now click the verify button and then visit your Domain Email account to copy a confirmation code that Google sent.
Now, Go To Your Domain Setup Panel:
Replace your_website with your website address.

or like this if you have shorten the web address:

  • Copy the confirmation code (or click the confirmation link inside that email) and then go back to your main Gmail account and paste it inside the verification box and hit Verify. 
  • Congratulations! You Are All Done! Enjoy....

Choose Different Signature For Each Email Id

As we know that by default you can not use long signatures for Google Apps Domain Emails but now you have connected them to Gmail you can set a creative signature for each of your emails:
  • Go To Settings
  • Inside The General Tab Look For Signature
  • You Will See An Editor Box Where You Can Write Your Signature For Every Email Account You Connected To Gmail
How To Connect Website Email Address To Gmail Account

Need Any Help?

I hope this tutorial is helpful to anyone wishing to Connect Website Email Address To Gmail Account. If you have any questions or would like to add details of your own methods, please feel free to leave your comments below. Take care & enjoy :)

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