Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Laptop Security: A Quick Guide On How to Secure Your Laptop

Author: Gagan Masoun
You know that everybody uses a laptops or notebook computer to get work done away from the office or on the road. Laptops are becoming more and more popular as they replace the standard desktop computer. Laptops are quite expensive, hence the risk of being stolen. This article will guide you how-to keep your laptop safe from theft.

How Do I Secure My Laptop

Laptops these days contain vital data and are greatly used for remote data access. Its security should be top priority to all users. There are three aspects to consider in securing your laptop.
  • Safeguarding Your Laptop
  • Good Password Protection
  • Regularly Back Up Your Data
  • Install and Upgrade Antivirus Software
  • Lock Down Your Laptop With An Actual Lock 
  • Avoid High Temperature and Other Harsh Environments

Safeguarding Your Laptop

Just protect your information from internet hackers is not enough.Your identity and personal information can also be stolen by thieve who steals your lappy, so please keep in mind these things.

Always use security for your personal work folders so that if a thief were to steal your laptop, your files could not be accessed by them

Don't leave your laptop locked in your vehicle because a thief can break glasses of the vehicle (car) very easily. Because you gave a big amount of money for the laptop. So, please always take your laptop with you. Always use more security if you want to protect your laptop.

Strong Password Protection

This is also important point that you should choose a strong password. While it can be annoying to type in a long password all the time, laptop security is more important. Don't use passwords that are easy to guess like short names, vehicle name, or your birth city etc. Always use numbers, letters and special characters in your password. For example - *pB%77oZ^_J

Choose something different that you will remember, but that no one would ever guess. The good passwords are longer than 6 or 8 characters and have numbers, letters and special characters included.

Regularly Back Up Your Data

It’s good to have data backed up in case of a lost or stolen laptop. A situation may arise where you need to erase your hard drive and if you haven’t backed up your stored information, you’ll lose it forever. Most backup systems have automatic settings in place, so your employees won’t have to remember to initiate backups and your company won’t have to worry about losing data. You can take back up in CD's, Pen Drives or in spare hard disk.

Install and Upgrade Antivirus Software

We know that there are many viruses and malicious applications are created specifically to steal information. For a organization, that means hackers are going after credit card and account numbers as well as contact information and passwords for employees and customers alike. Install a fully featured antivirus software suite and to keep laptops constantly updated. 

Lock Down Your Laptop With An Actual Lock 

A notebook computer lock works similar to a bicycle lock. You attach one end of the lock to your laptop and warp the cord around a fixed piece of desk. If you work in a public place often and tend to leave your laptop abandoned, invest $10 to $35 on a physical laptop lock to hook your laptop to the desk. It's so easy way to protect your laptop from thieves. 

Don't Use An Obvious Laptop Bag

Carry your laptop in regular luggage that doesn't look like it has a laptop. Don't advertise your laptop to any would be thieves.

Need Any Help?

I hope this tutorial is helpful to everyone "Laptop Security: A Quick Guide on How to Secure Your Laptop". If you have any questions or would like to add details of your own tips, please feel free to leave your comments below. I will update your tips in this article. Take care & enjoy :)


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