Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Should I Do After 10th Class? - Useful Tips

Author: Gagan Masoun
What Should I Do After 10th Class? - Useful Tips
Today is the world of education, technology etc. This article will give you some tips about What Should I Do After 10th Class?.Education is the most important part of life. Education is one key to a good job. In today’s job market what you know determines what you earn. The more you know the more you make, especially if what you know is important to some segment of the business world.

This all depends on the interest of the student. Because if you want to learn anything you should have interest in that thing.

Technology is growing day by day. There are other lot of fields like Arts & Science Education, Hotel Management Education, Engineering Education, Medical Education, Management Education, Law Education, Teacher Training Education, Polytechnic Education, Computers IT Education etc.Now, do not confuse, just strong your mind and choose your interest. I am giving you a little example - If you have interest in Computers, Technology then you should go to Computer & IT field. If your mathematics is strong then go to Arts field and complete your study with math.

Every people will give you different suggestions. But according to me think yourself do not go with people's thinking. If you will go with your interest then you will definitely becomes a successful person. I am giving you a latest news that Social networking giant Facebook has hired an engineering student here for a fat annual pay package of Rs 1.34 crore, one of the biggest offers made to alumnus of any technical institution of the country.According to P Chakravarti, Director of the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), a B.Tech student from the institute, who has requested that his name be withheld for “security reasons”, received a letter on March 27 from Facebook confirming his appointment and the annual pay package on offer was stated to be $262,500 (around Rs 1.34 crore).

Our best wishes with all of you. Choose your interest and make your future. If you have any suggestion / ideas about this topic then you can post comments in the comment box or contact us. Subscribe us for more tutorials.

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  1. Nice Article. Before deciding any career path first off all, be cleared about your vision. .As per the survey, most of the students of 10th and 12th standards are confused about their career.
    10th is the step where you want to take decision about your career path.My Suggestion is that, everyone's need guidance because career selection is a one time activity, once you have choose your career then you couldn't turn back. I would like to suggest one website