Monday, April 2, 2012

Increase Blog Traffic With Facebook

Author: Gagan Masoun
Increase Blog Traffic With Facebook
There are a lot of social networking websites today. But Facebook is the most powerful social networking website. Today, I am writing article about the Facebook Traffic For Your Blog/Website. According to alexa Facebook is the second famous website in the world. Because Google is on first ranking. Google has a lot of products live now, So, Google is the first in the whole world.

You can use Google plus also if you want traffic to your blog or website. But you can not get more users as compared to Facebook. I will tell you simple tricks for Increase Blog Traffic With Facebook.

1. Make Genuine Friends - First of all your should have Facebook account before starting. After this make genuine friends on Facebook. Do not add that people, which do not online regular. Search for active people on Facebook. Because a lot of people spend their free time on Facebook. When you will share any link on your Fb wall, then people will like the link. If they find the link useful or interesting then definitely they will share with other friends. Your link popularity will increase on Facebook with more likes to your article. Many applications are also available on Facebook which will automatically share your blog post directly to your Facebook profile or Page. Do not send too much request in one day, because Facebook will temporary lock your Fb send request.

2. Incorporate The FB Like Button On Your Blog - By incorporating the FB Like button on your blog, you enable FB users to share pages from your blog and make their 'Like' public on their FB profile in just one simple click! Most people don't mind sharing their

3. Join Groups On Facebook - Facebook has a lot of options inside. You can join or make the groups. This is same as No.1 point. Because here you can get honest traffic to your blog. Always join relevant groups to your blog. Because people will not like if you will post your technology blog links in health group. So, make your own group - invite friends or join other groups like technology information, Blogger community, Blog Promotion Groups etc. Join wisely and post wisely to get wise traffic.

4. Make a Fan Page On Facebook - Facebook Fan page is damn cool idea for traffic to your blog. Blogs Daddy is also using the Facebook Fan Page option for getting the traffic. This is very useful for all bloggers. You should try this for your business. People are making pages for just fun also. Like, my friend is not blogger, but he has a Fb page with 78,000 likes. So, think about it, if you have a Fb page and a lot of likes on your page then definitely you will get traffic. Now you may ask I have a fan page and fans, but no traffic from Facebook. Yes, having a fan page and more fans won’t get you traffic. You need to post links to get traffic, But Posting links every time is a very boring work and even I don’t like to do that. So what to do. Great idea is to use RSS Graffiti; this is an app on Facebook that posts all your post links to your fan page’s wall or timeline directly.

So, now do work On Facebook for getting more traffic to your blog. Make your blog popular with the Fb tricks & I know every blogger wants traffic for their blog. Keep posting & enjoy blogging. 


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