Monday, April 16, 2012

Importance Of Valuable and Informative Blog Posts For Your Blog

Author: Gagan Masoun
Importance Of Valuable and Informative Blog Posts For Your BlogWhat is a Blog? - A blog is an easy to make website created using or It can be set up in five minutes and then monetize using AdSense or chitika. The placement of the ads of AdSense and chitika can be customized by you. The revenue generated depends on number of viewer and number of click generated on the site and the geographic location of the viewer who clicks.

Therefore, it is imperative that you get viewer from different countries to your site. You can add the services of Google analytic to your blog. Google analytic will show you complete analysis of your blog including number of visitor from which countries, which post they visited, from which site they came to your blog, how much time they spend on your blog and more.

Why Valuable and informative Blog Posts are Imperative 
  • There are many ways to get more visitors into your blog but it is difficult to keep the visitors for more than few second in your blog. Using SEO, BMR, forum posting, commenting, and other services, you could get hundreds of viewer to your blog. However, without valuable and informative posts on your blog you would never be able to hold on to those visitors. Therefore, it is essential that you post unique, informative posts of high quality on your blogs at a regular basis.
  • Without quality blog posts, it would be difficult to do SEO (search engine optimization) of your blog. All your blog posts should be unique and should not be copied from other sites. Google has very strict rules on plagiarism and can ban your AdSense account if it found your blog with copied content. You can use Copyscape or other plagiarism checkers to see that your post does not have any copied content.
  • Also with informative and valuable posts, you would get repeat visitors. Many will subscribe to your blog and will check your blog now and then for new contents. This will make your blog more popular and the income generated by your blog will increase.
  • With integration of social media like Facebook and twitter to the blogs, it has become more important that your blog have informative and quality content. If your post is highly informative about any topic, then there is a greater chance that the visitors will share the post on their Facebook account. This indirectly means more visitors as their friends will visit your blog to see that post and other posts
Now I will share some tips on how to make your blog post more informative
  • Passion - you must have passion and in-depth knowledge of the topic you are writing
  • Innovation - Always think of new ways to make your post more informative
  • Simplicity - Keep it simple. Just focus on one topic and be the best in it.
  • Remove unwanted content - quality over quantity. You should not fill your blog with spam or other unwanted content. The blog should be of high quality for it to be successful.
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