Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Sushil Kumar

Author: Gagan Masoun
5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Sushil Kumar
Sushil Kumar, who won the " Kaun Banega Crorepati" jackpot amount worth Rs 5 crore last year, has been approached by a British filmmaker.Here I'm to reflect some things about Sushil Kumar which will help the bloggers to achieve success in their field. You should learn the common things from Sushil Kumar if you want success in blogging stream. On the other hand luck is also main point in every person's life. So, follow the tips and touch the sky.
1.Curious to Learn

Curiosity of learning is the first point that one requires in his life. Sushil Kumar had the curiosity so he became able to make it up to the amount 5 Crore Rupees.From his very childhood he had that curiosity to acquire knowledge.In the same way if the bloggers studies their topics,understands them well then they can easily achieve the knowledge that's related with that very topic.


If you want some achievements in your life you should need a determined path.If you want to be a good blogger then you should be determined about your blogging work. Here is the live example Sushil kumar determined his path and thus made up to it.

3.Hard Work

Hard work is the most important thing in every person's life to achieve your goal than everything will go in vain. Sushil Kumar worked hard and at last made such a record which none has ever made. He studied a lot of books related to GK, History, Technology, Science etc.


Sushil Kumar, belongs to a poor family from Bihar. He wanted to win a prize by participating in KBC. He watched KBC and took participate in the Screening Test and thus got the chance to play the life changing game, KBC.
Sushil Kumar, belongs to a poor family from Bihar
Had he been staying at his home by just watching KBC & not taking participation then he would have never been able to make it.But he had the  resolution  to do so and thus he did. So Bloggers if you are good enough in your field then you should make everyone understand that you love to do your work. You should have resolution for your work. Always choose your interest as your work. If you are interested in blogging field, then you no need to go anywhere.


Hope you read all above points, but the Patience is the most important point above all.If you are working so hard and with the right way, you may not get the result in short time.You need to wait sometime for getting something which really means a lot to you. Here we can put the example of Sushil kumar because he has a lot of patience, He was trying to play KBC from year 2000 and got the chance in 2011.So his waiting of such a long duration did not went useless he got success & made himself a unique person in front of the world.Now, he has a unique identity in this whole world. Only because of his patience.

Sushil Kumar has a lot of qualities that's why he got all his aims in his life. So, I request to all blogger highlights your qualities and do hard work. if you do so then I damn sure that you will really achieve what you want to.


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