Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Best Android Apps For Parents

Author: Gagan Masoun
The Best Android Apps For Parents
When mobile phones, and later other mobile devices, were first introduced it was a big thing for adults to get their hands on them, and surely not everyone could afford to have one. These days, though, mobile devices are significantly going down in cost, and adults are not the only ones who want to get their hands on them these days either.

Teen mobile device usage has increased considerably in the last five years or so, and sometimes you even see children as young as ten years old with mobile devices.In a world where parents already have so much to worry about when it comes to their kids, this is just another worry to add to the list, because it is not that simple to monitor what your child is using their mobile device for when they are not around you twenty-four hours a day. Thankfully, for those parents whose children have an Android mobile device there is a solution to finding a way to protect your children from the dangers that could surface when they are not right there with you. All you need is a few handy Android mobile device applications to give you that peace of mind that parents had before mobile devices ever came along.

Parental Control Application - Just as you likely have parental controls on your computer at home so that your kids do not end up seeing something that they shouldn't, you should also maintain this type of control when it comes to their Android mobile device as well. It is actually probably even more important to have a parental control application on their phone, because there is less opportunity to actually monitor what they are using it for than there is when they share a personal computer with the rest of the family. Fortunately, parental control applications are available, and well worth the money you will pay for them as well.

Android Spy Application - For parents that do not feel that parental control is enough, and who really want to know what their kids are doing, there are Android spy applications. These applications allow parents to monitor everything that their child does on their mobile Android device. Parents are able to see who their kids talk to, what applications they have installed on their device, and even what their texts to and from other people say. And kids who know that their parents are watching, are probably less likely to to get themselves into trouble as well.

GPS Applications - Finally, a type of application that has many uses, and a pretty important one for parents, are GPS applications. Sure GPS is great for finding your way if you are lost, but it is even better for finding your child if he or she is lost. Parents who do not hear from their kids when they are supposed to can simply use a GPS tracking app to locate them and ensure their safety, an application that any parent can appreciate.

Not every parent is receptive to the thought of their child having access to a mobile device, but this is an inevitable thing, and will become more so in the future. Thanks to certain Android mobile device applications, though, parents can have at least a degree of peace of mind when their kids are not near their side, even if they do have a mobile device too.

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